Social media messages unmask two male killers

AmericaTwo 16-year-old male students were arrested for allegedly killing a female teacher after posting messages about a murder plot on social media.

Willard Noble Chaiden Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodale, both 16, have been charged with murder and first-degree murder, authorities said. The two suspects will appear in court on November 12.

The body of Nohema Graber, 66, was discovered on November 3 at Chautauqua Park in Fairfield, the same day the teacher was reported missing. Graber teaches Spanish at Fairfield High School in Iowa, where the two suspects attended.

Graber was seen walking to Chautauqua Park before going missing. Police searched here and found her body hidden under tarps, wheelbarrows and railway sleepers. Graber suffered a head injury.

Chautauqua Park - where teacher Nohema Graber was murdered.  Photo: CNN

Chautauqua Park – where teacher Nohema Graber was murdered. Photo: CNN

During the investigation, police spoke to someone who knew both Goodale and Miller, and was provided with social media messages relating to the two suspects. The messages show that Goodale “had specific details about Graber’s disappearance and subsequent death,” including his motives, plans and methods, and how to conceal the crime, according to the indictment. Prosecutors. A connection to Miller was also found in these messages.

Another acquaintance of Goodale revealed that he saw the boy and Miller at the park on November 2.

Police searched Goodale and Miller’s home, finding blood-stained clothes. Miller admitted to being at Chautauqua Park, providing weapons and helping hide the body.

Teacher Nohema Graber.  Photo: City of Fairfield

Teacher Nohema Graber. Photo: City of Fairfield

Graber was born in Veracruz, Mexico, and lived in Mexico City before moving to Fairfield. She taught at Fairfield High School for 9 years.

Authorities have not provided a motive for the two suspects in Graber’s murder.

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