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The beauty of the Slovak model is likened to a robot

Veronika Rajek – Slovak model – is often commented “too beautiful, not like a real person”.

In an interview with New York Post On November 6, Veronika Rajek said that besides compliments, she often received many comments expressing doubts about her beauty on social networks. She said: “They think I’m a robot. They don’t believe I exist. Some people criticize me for using a lot of photo-editing software to live virtual, saying that I have had plastic surgery,” she said. Veronika added that when taking photos, she only smoothes the skin, does not interfere with the facial features. She has a doctor’s certificate of non-plastic surgery.

Veronika was born in 1996, originally from Slovakia, currently working as a model in Vienna. Account Instagram Her attracts 1.1 million followers. The beauty is also considered a TikTok star.

She is 1.81 m tall with three rounds of 90-60-90 cm. Veronika has modeled since the age of 16, was a finalist in the Miss Slovakia 2016 pageant.

Long legs attract the opposite person with oval face, harmonious features. She often applies makeup to emphasize her eyes and eyebrows to create sharp, nude pink lipstick.

To own an ideal body, Veronika works out in the gym five times a week, follows a strict diet, restricts starches, and prioritizes fiber and protein supplements to keep her body toned.

Pursuing a sexy style, she often chooses designs that hug, cut off the chest and waist such as bra top, crop top, cut-out shirt, deep V-neck slit…

Veronika Rajek wears off-the-shoulder streetwear

Veronika Rajek wears an off-the-shoulder dress on the street. Video: TikTok Veronika Rajek

During a vacation in August in Italy, she chose a bra top and lilac purple shorts – a hot color trend in 2020, combined with a sedge hat.

The beauty wore a sequin dress when her husband – Viktor Rajek – decorated the Christmas tree last year. The two got married in 2019 after three years of dating. Viktor Rajek is a sledding athlete, who attended the 2006 Winter Olympics. The star couple is one of the most interested couples in the Slovak sports industry.

Veronika exudes dynamism with chunky sneakers, exalting her height and figure when choosing skinny jeans and crop tops when going out in New York in 2018.

Models pursue fashion mini handbags, mirror glasses and loafers.

Robins (Photo: Instagram Veronika Rajek)

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