The fate of Erik – Phuong My Chi created the hit ‘Nam Quoc Son Ha’

Singers Erik and Phuong My Chi knew each other from The Voice of Viet Nhi in 2013, but eight years later, they collaborated in the song “Nam Quoc Son Ha”.

Repertoire Nam Quoc Son Ha Erik’s contest “The Heroes” after more than a week of posting reached more than 5 million views, firmly standing at the top of trending music on YouTube. The cut posted by Phuong My Chi on TikTok attracted 15 million views, tens of thousands of videos reused the background music. In a granny shirt, she performed the opening chant and harmonized with Erik in the middle of the song. On Facebook before the show aired, Phuong My Chi wrote: “The two brothers had a predestined relationship eight years ago, but now they have a destiny.”

The rap song 'Nam Quoc Son Ha' causes fever

Erik, Phuong My Chi performed “Nam Quoc Son Ha” on the stage of “The Heroes”, posted on October 25. Video:Youtube Erik

Erik – Phuong My Chi have known each other since the Vietnam Children’s Vocal Competition in 2013, with coach Hien Thuc. At that time, Erik was 15 years old, only reached the confrontation round, and Phuong My Chi, 10 years old, won second place. At that time, the two barely spoke to each other. Leaving the competition, Phuong My Chi pursued folk music, Erik stuck with ballads.

Erik said that when developing the idea with the opening song, the crew immediately thought of Phuong My Chi, so they called to invite. After listening to the demo, Phuong My Chi accepted immediately. She said: “I have loved Erik’s songs for a long time, but have not had the opportunity to collaborate. When there is a suitable project, he remembers and invites me, makes me happy. Working with a group full of other young faces like DTap, Hanh Or, RTee, Ninja Z make me even more excited.”

They combine in the spirit of support, not taking paycheck. Erik said: “The first time we collaborated, there was a good chemistry between us. Phuong My Chi is cute, professional, and doesn’t mind following the training schedule given by the group. Her presence is the perfect piece for the team. repertoire”. My Chi told me that both the practice and the recording day were performed by the vocal crew Afterall attentive care. She said: “Eric brother looks explosive and cool on stage, but in real life he is very gentle. He constantly asks me about eating, if I’m tired.”

Erik - Phuong My Chi behind the scenes of the program, posted on October 24.  Photo: Facebook Phuong My Chi

Erik – Phuong My Chi behind the scenes of the program, posted on October 24. Photo: Facebook Phuong My Chi

On YouTube, the audience praised both. Linhcover audience wrote: “It’s so good, Erik sings and dances too well, adding Phuong My Chi’s voice gives me goosebumps.” Phuong Dao commented: “Erik’s voice is more and more addicting, the combination of Phuong My Chi is sweet. The rap and choreography are also good, leading the trending chart is deserved”. Besides, there were also opinions comparing who was more prominent in the performance. Erik said: “The performance has singing, rapping, singing, dancing, each part has an important role, contributing to the success of the performance. Everyone has to recognize that My Chi’s part is good and has a beautiful voice.” Phuong My Chi said: “Tell me to contribute the new song’s voice, this is not true. Only music lovers can listen to it with DTap. Nam Quoc Son Ha. Thanks to Erik blowing the fire from beginning to end, the song was so contagious.”

Erik had an injury while training. He used more than 10 dancers from the Oh dance company, practicing for three weeks with the pressure of the semi-finals. The singer said: “The choreography has many dangerous lifting movements. The choreography is so much that it is easy for the singer to lose strength, must know how to balance to ensure the whole singing part. When I practice, I can’t avoid injury, luckily. Luckily it’s not too serious.”

Phuong My Chi admires Erik’s stage improvisation. She said that on the day of filming, Erik had a small error, lost his foot and fell. Standing in the wings, watching her heart beat and fall. Erik then quickly regained his form, performing confidently. At the end of the test, Erik’s body sweated like a bath, Phuong My Chi asked for a tissue for the senior to absorb.

Erik's performance of Nam Quoc Son Ha was elaborately choreographed on stage.  Photo: Character provided

Erik’s performance “Nam Quoc Son Ha” was carefully choreographed. Photo: Characters provided

Hoa Minzy – close friend – is proud of Erik after watching the performance. She said on her personal page: “You are an example for me to follow in terms of hard work in the profession. My voice is improving every day. Erik cried, sweated and even shed blood to have the best performance. for the audience”.

Erik’s real name is Le Trung Thanh, born in 1997 in Hanoi. After leaving the group Monstar, he left his mark through many songs such as Is it possible to lose each other forever, Love is never wrong, Touching the bottom of pain, You are not wrong, we are wrong…

Phuong My Chi was born in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City, won the runner-up at the Vietnam Children’s Voice Contest 2013, known as “the folk song girl”. After eight years, Phuong My Chi is becoming more and more mature. Singers stick to folk music when releasing products Mother’s night tea burden, Afternoon rain in the Central region, Lien Hoa, Thousand eyes and hands… Miss Also participating in movies Farmer (2014), Summer 1999 No release date has been set.

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