The French Queen’s diamond ring costs $ 9.5 million

SwitzerlandTwo diamond bracelets of Queen Marie Antoinette sold at auction for $9.5 million in Geneva, November 9.

Christie’s Auction House told Guardian Initially, the two bracelets were expected to bring in $2-4 million. Each includes a three-strand chain set with 112 diamonds that once belonged to a European royal family. The buyer bid by phone and remained anonymous. In addition to the bracelet, a 6.75-carat purple-pink diamond ring and a 42.98-carat yellow diamond ring are also on sale for the occasion.

Two bracelets of Queen Marie Antoinette were auctioned on 9/11 in Switzerland.  Photo: AP

Two bracelets of Queen Marie Antoinette were auctioned on 9/11 in Switzerland. Photo: AP

Max Fawcett, head of jewelry auctions at Christie’s in Geneva, said: “Jewelry with more than 200 years of French royal history is something collectors and enthusiasts around the world see. If you hold these bracelets, you will find the quality of workmanship is still far superior to what we see in the modern world.”

The jewelry was once stored in a wooden box by Marie Antoinette and sent to a former Austrian ambassador in Brussels. She included a letter instructing him to keep them in a safe place before being guillotined for treason and being executed in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. After her death on October 16, 1793, the necklace was passed on to her daughter – Madame Royale – and later to the Duchess of Parma.

Queen Marie Antoinette.  Photo: Alamy

Queen Marie Antoinette. Photo: Alamy

Marie Antoinette was born in 1755 in Austria, the last queen of France before the French Revolution. At the age of 14, she married Louis-Auguste, heir to the French throne. On May 10, 1774, she became queen when King Louis XVI ascended the throne. Marie Antoinette is famous for her extravagant spending habits, splurging on clothes, jewelry, luxury items and lavish parties while the country is in trouble. She always carefully wrapped her jewelry in cotton towels.

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