The girlfriend’s parents objected because we live 25 km apart

I am a male, 25 years old, a government employee. She is 20 years old, a student. We live in the same province, different district, I am working in the district she lives in.

In terms of conditions and circumstances, our family is normal, neither poor nor well off, my family is slightly better. I consider myself quite good, psychologically, sociable, caring for people, do not smoke, limit alcohol and like to play sports. You are very obedient, ever since you were a child, you know how to listen to your parents and rarely argue back. You also rarely go outside to play (even with a group of close friends), generally the traditional type of woman. Is there anything you confide in your mother, including the love story of the two of you. After hearing that, your mother objected to the reason that our house was far apart (25 km away).

We still secretly love each other. We are each other’s first love, truly love each other. I went to work, so when I fell in love, I didn’t let my heart overwhelm me. I found the two of them very compatible, and considered a long-term relationship. You were under a lot of pressure from your family, so you took the initiative to break up. I know you still love me, break up just because you can’t stand the pressure from your family. You are still young, dependent on your family, have not encountered anything, so you cannot fight with me for happiness in the future.

I went to your house to talk to your parents but nothing changed. Your parents commented that I am a reasonable person, good, gentle, decent, with a stable job, if my house was close, everything would be different. Ever since you said goodbye, I’ve been sad, seeing that you’re so important to me and the woman I want to take care of for the rest of my life. I still want to pursue you even if the chance is very small. My current job does not lack opportunities to meet other girls who are prettier and more qualified than you, but I only think about you.

I want to hold on to this love but contact you but you have not replied. What should I do?


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