The largest 4K TV in Vietnam

Samsung’s Neo QLED QN90A TV model has a 98-inch screen version for VND 230 million.

According to a report from research firm Omdia, the large-screen TV market from 80 inches and above will grow 48% in 2020. Therefore, Samsung is focusing on large-sized TVs to catch the trend.

On November 5, the company announced Neo QLED QN90A with many different sizes. In addition to the 98-inch version, the largest 4K TV segment in Vietnam, the product also has sizes from 65 to 85 inches.

QN90A is one of the best gaming TVs available today.  Photo: Samsung

QN90A is one of the best gaming TVs available today. Photo: Samsung

Neo QLED is Samsung’s latest display technology with Quantum Mini LED backlighting – 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs. At the same time, the TV uses lenses to disperse the light and fix the LEDs in place, helping to eliminate glare. According to the Korean company, the new technology increases the brightness to 12-bit by 4,096 steps, improving the quality of the HDR experience, the dark areas will be darker and the bright areas will be brighter.

The product has an infinity design with an almost borderless screen. The TV comes with a Slim One Connect Box, a cable management system that mounts on the back of the TV. Neo QLED 2021 upgrades many new audio features, such as Object Tracking Sound Pro, which can play sound according to moving objects on the image, or SpaceFit Sound – adjusts sound according to the environment.

The new TV series is equipped with Neo Quantum processor chip integrated with AI, supporting up to 4K resolution from low-quality sources. It also supports gamers with the Ultrawide Gameview feature – changing the display ratio to 21:9 or 32:9 for a wider field of view. In addition, the Game Bar interface allows players to change frame rates, check signal latency and connect headphones to play games.

Samsung also integrates Microsoft Office 365 so users can access data from the cloud without connecting to a PC. Neo QLED 4K 98-inch TV is on sale in Vietnam this month for VND 229.9 million.

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