The mood of a single girl turns cold

It’s been raining in the North these days, the cold comes earlier than usual, I lie in a warm room, spray some favorite perfume, listen to music, my heart suddenly sags.

It rained lightly, like the spring rain of the first days of Tet in the North, the feeling of Tet is coming very close. The 35-year-old single girl, neither too old nor young, still loves the old things. Despite modern thinking and thinking, I still love traditional values. I love Tet, Tet is the best time to spend with family.

I really like the time before Tet, people’s families are eager to shop. My work is quite busy, only on the 28th of Tet holiday, I have no time to go to the market in the previous days. My family is quite attentive to ancestor worship because the whole year there is only Tet to remember grandparents. In addition to banh chung, which is not self-packaged, I also make my own dishes such as spring rolls, frozen meat, grilled pork rolls, chicken and certainly indispensable bamboo shoot soup; Of course with the help of other members. The process of preparing this food will take all day 29, by 30 I will go to the flower market. In my house, there are enough peaches, kumquats and vases of fresh flowers. On the afternoon of the 30th, my family will make the year-end dinner tray at the end of the year.

I especially like wearing Ao Dai during Tet. My outer life is quite young, often wearing low-cut, knee-length skirts; However, Ao Dai has its own charm, youthful and feminine innovation. When I wear ao dai, I feel the atmosphere of Tet in the alley. For the past few years, every New Year’s Eve I have bought a new Ao Dai.

I have been to the North, Central and South, but have not had the opportunity to experience the Southern New Year. I really like the image of the southern flower markets, maybe in the future, if some southern guy tempts me to become a bride there, I still miss the Northern New Year. It is true that the weather also makes people more lonely. Many times I keep looking for happiness far away, but now I just want to meet my lover, go somewhere together to a peaceful, noise-free countryside is very happy. It doesn’t matter where you go, it matters who you go with.


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