The reason the former general director of Saigon Industry Corporation was arrested

Ho Chi Minh CityMr. Chu Tien Dung, former general director of Saigon Industry Corporation – One Member Limited Liability Company (CNS), was accused of using the bonus fund and improperly spending 21 billion.

Mr. Dung (59 years old) and Do Van Nga (54 years old, Chief Accountant cum Head of Finance and Accounting Department of CNS) were prosecuted and detained by the Security Agency under the Ministry of Public Security. Violation of regulations on management and use of state assets, causing loss and waste under Article 219 of the Penal Code.

The move was made by the authorities after 9 months of investigating violations at CNS (100% state capital, under the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City).

Many violations of finance, divestment and investment at this company in the period 2015-2018 were pointed out two years ago by the Ho Chi Minh City Inspectorate and transferred to the Ministry of Public Security for investigation.

In particular, the violations of Mr. Dung and Nga have just been prosecuted, which are determined to be related to the use of the reward fund to spend on individuals and collectives without a list and improperly spending an amount of more than 21 billion VND. State copper.

Mr. Chu Tien Dung, former General Director of Saigon Industry Corporation - One Member Limited Liability Company.  Photo: CNS

Mr. Chu Tien Dung when he was still the General Director of Saigon Industry Corporation – One Member Limited Liability Company. Photo: CNS

Regarding this, previously, the Ho Chi Minh City Inspectorate said that the fact that CNS did not have a list of proposals, approved and paid rewards, did not ensure the regulations on payment documents according to the Accounting Law, did not strictly control the accounts payable. spending and transparency in rewards. Therefore, on July 26, 2019, CNS issued a document on stopping the payment of bonuses to external agencies to correct and overcome consequences. The inspection agency also decided to recover more than 21 billion dong wrongly spent in the custody account pending handling.

Mr. Dung was also accused of committing a crime Using a credit card to pay improperly. This comes from the CNS chapter owner approving the use of personal credit cards in official payment, in order to create conditions for company leaders to go on business trips and foreign affairs.

Accordingly, from 2015 to 2018, CNS transferred money to the accounts of 9 company leaders a total of 4.7 billion VND every month. But many inappropriate transactions, no invoices are still paid by the finance and accounting department; in which Mr. Dung used the card to spend more than 1.2 billion VND for individuals. Regarding this, CNS later said that Mr. Dung had paid back this amount himself at the request of the accounting department, not for personal gain.

In addition, the Ho Chi Minh City Inspectorate also recommended that the city leader transfer documents on other signs of irregularities in investment and divestment at CNS, for the investigation agency to clarify.

In which, in 2015, CNS cooperated with other units to establish Hoa Mai Trading and Service Co., Ltd. At this time, CNS is renting 2 land plots of 181 Dien Bien Phu (more than 4,700 m2) and 200 Vo Van Tan (more than 1,700 m2) of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and paying annual fees. CNS has contributed capital to Hoa Mai Company with 60 billion dong, equivalent to the value of assets on these two land plots. Because the project was not implemented, in mid-2019, the City People’s Committee recovered it from Hoa Mai Company.

By 2017, CNS had sold all 51% shares in Saigon Electronic Joint Stock Company – Sagel for nearly 21 billion VND. While this company is cooperating to invest in a commercial project at the prime land lot 119 Pho Quang (Phu Nhuan district) with an estimated value of trillions of dong.

CNS also divested from TIE Joint Stock Company, earning a small amount of money, while this business is using 2 valuable land plots at 52 Thanh Thai and 376 Dien Bien Phu (District 10) for investment cooperation. business.

These issues have not yet been made public by the Ministry of Public Security.

Duy Binh

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