Tien Dat: ‘I have spent less money since I got married’

Rapper Tien Dat said he and his wife – Thuy Vy – are similar in that they don’t need a lot of money, as long as the family is safe and happy.

– How is your life after leaving showbiz?

– When I was active in the entertainment industry, I always kept myself positive. When I turned to business, I brought that energy to work. I want to understand a certain industry thoroughly before making money from it. So I signed up to learn everything about coffee: from growing, roasting to preparing, tasting… and got an international degree.

During the distance, I could not participate in the fight against the epidemic directly like my friends, but I still tried to contribute supplies and equipment… The couple sent milk tea and coffee to the frontline. We do all the work by hand because we don’t have an extra person, then send our friends, quick response teams to help. Even though it’s a small thing, I’m glad that my days at home didn’t pass in vain.

I hardly compose last time. When making music, I want to create products that are both quality and tasteful. True art requires a lot of dedication. But now, the new job still takes up too much time, so I choose to enjoy and support my friends’ products.

Video Rappe Tien Dat

Rapper Tien Dat talks about life since getting married. Video: Thanh Tan

– How do you and your wife share the work when doing business together and taking care of children?

– While I was studying barista, my wife managed the store, human resources and communications. I am not good at these areas, so I feel secure when I give it to her. Having a business together means sharing money, ideas, opinions… These are all sensitive matters that can cause conflicts even if they are relatives. We also cannot avoid disagreements. But from the very beginning, I was determined not to put money before love no matter what. My wife is like me in that she doesn’t need a lot of money, as long as the family is safe, happy, and comfortable. Thanks to that, all problems passed smoothly.

In the past, I followed my mother, but recently I have been clinging to my father more. I put my baby to sleep at 11am and 8pm. She still has two feedings of night milk, which is also my responsibility. In the morning, the husband and wife go down to the shop to arrange work and guide the staff. My wife stayed longer and I took advantage of the baby. We chose to open a restaurant at home, although it was a bit noisy and inconvenient, it was easy to take care of our children. When the restaurant is crowded, the couple can leave the child to the grandmother to help.

Tien Dat roasts, grinds, makes coffee and serves customers at his shop.

Tien Dat roasts, grinds, makes coffee and serves customers at his shop. Photo: Facebook Thuy Vy

– How did you change after getting married?

– Before, I only cared about myself, doing whatever I liked, shopping without calculation. Since having a wife and children, I have lived more responsibly, saving to have a backup for the future or difficult times. Before every spending decision, including trifles like gloves or a kitchen knife, I consider whether it’s necessary, because I already have it at home.

My wife never commented on my personal expenses. When I decided to sell old collectibles such as cars, stereos… to support the anti-epidemic force, she even asked me if I had any regrets. I still regret, because the things that have accompanied me over the years have great spiritual value. But if I keep it at home, it’ll just stay on display forever. Turning it into money then helping others makes the item more meaningful to both me and the buyer.

– Why do you rarely show affection on social networks?

– I feel that talking privately on social media is not helpful. The information I share is mainly about the environment, society or issues affecting the community. As for family and personal matters, I am limited. Because there are things that I find fun or harmless, but others don’t think so. Sometimes, a normal statement can also lead to negative things that we cannot control.

I once commented to a friend that overusing photo editing apps can be harmful. Like the story of a lost boy, because the pictures on the internet are not the same as in real life, the family is difficult to find. Those words were only within the scope of a conversation between two friends. But when shared widely, it made her family feel that I was making fun of their pain. I immediately explained, apologized to the family and deleted the chat. It was an expensive lesson for me.

The male rapper eats breakfast while helping his wife take care of their son.  Photo: Facebook Thuy Vy

The male rapper eats breakfast while helping his wife take care of their son. Photo: Facebook Thuy Vy

Social media and the internet have both advantages and disadvantages. It is an image search engine, good knowledge but also very difficult to control. As long as parents are a little distracted, their children can access bad information. Inappropriate advertisements still regularly appear on children’s channels. I’m 40 years old, I still practice to “cope” social networks by turning off notifications of new messages and comments… to focus on studying and working.

– People say you have a good family background, so whether you’re a rapper or a businessman, there’s no economic pressure, what do you think?

– I am not “rich from the egg” as people think. When I was a child, my family faced financial difficulties. I don’t worry much because I know everything can be overcome, even if slower than others. After learning about my business, I feel more secure. If I go bankrupt and no longer own my business, I can still work as a hired worker with the knowledge I already have.

I still have pressure on bank loans. Thanks to opening a shop at home, I can save cash and not be too difficult in the months of social distancing, revenue is 0 dong. However, I still have to subsidize employees, provide accommodation for those who cannot return to their hometown and many other expenses.

But I don’t care about appearance or money, but more about quality of life. Instead of buying expensive brands, I prefer to buy delicious, healthy foods for my family. I’m not in favor of making a profit regardless. I want to sell what I’m using and happy with it.

Tien Dat sings and dances at the wedding

Tien Dat sang at his wedding party in 2019. Video: Characters provided

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