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Travis Scott once attended a party after a deadly night of music

AmericaRapper Travis Scott went straight to the restaurant for a party shortly after the show, killing eight guests and injuring hundreds.

Follow TMZ, after wrapping up the tragic night in Houston last week, Scott went to a party at Dave & Buster’s restaurant hosted by Drake to celebrate as usual. A source close to the rapper explained that he did not know at that time that someone died. After being informed by a friend, Scott immediately left the party.

Singer Travis Scott.  Photo: BBC

Singer Travis Scott. Photo: BBC

On 9/11, Scott’s side said it would pay all funeral fees for eight victims. The rapper is also willing to provide free mental health services to affected audiences. After the event, many spectators filed a lawsuit against Scott and the organizers for the accident. NRG Park – where the show takes place – has a $26 million insurance policy for music festivals.

On November 5, about 50,000 spectators gathered in Houston – Travis Scott’s hometown – to see him perform in the music night of the Astroworld tour. The incident happened when the crowd jostled to get closer to the stage. The eight dead are confirmed to be young, aged between 14 and 27. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the commotion.

Some witnesses said the standing area opposite the stage was very cramped. “I have been there since about 3 pm and it seems that there is not enough space to stand upright. There are many aggressive actions when people do everything they can to compete for places to buy souvenirs and food… Many fights happened. out during the show,” a female witness told NY Times.

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Travis Scott’s Houston concert. Video: TMZ

From the audience’s videos, many people shouted for help when the jostling occurred, but others did not realize the accident. On stage, Scott urged the audience to enthusiastically respond to the show: “I want to see angry acts. Who wants to see anger?”. Moments later, the singer saw an ambulance and continued: “There was an ambulance in the crowd. It was a surprise.”

When the organizers turned off the music, Scott asked the audience: “If you’re all right, give us a thumbs up.” After that, he continued to perform and called on everyone to “shake the ground”. The concert lasted about 30 minutes before Scott waved to the audience and wished them a safe home.

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