Trend of walking for the community

Many people tend to choose walking to exercise, diversify physical activities and can help disadvantaged people in the community.

Around the world, walking is a form of exercise that is loved by many people, especially those who prefer lightness, endurance and regularity every day. Pedestrians not only have good health and few injuries, but they also have a very active spiritual life.

In recent years, social organizations regularly organize large-scale mass walking events to spread meaningful messages to the community such as fighting climate change, for the poor. Children often remember special days.

Walking is popular in many developed countries.  Photo: Skechers

Walking is popular in many developed countries. Photo: Skechers

Healthy activities for the community

Since about the 2000s, walking has gradually become familiar to Vietnamese people. The trend of participating in walking tournaments exploded in big cities. Many big events have developed strongly, are professionally organized and spread to all provinces and groups of people.

On average, the activities of walking down the street for the community have the participation of thousands of people, ranging from the elderly, middle-aged to children. In particular, there are events that gather over 10,000 people to walk together, sending a strong message to the community, for a better and more civilized society.

In a broader perspective, the walking tournaments are also a link to the community, enhancing the spirit of solidarity and mutual affection between individuals in society. These activities are always meeting and exchange places for everyone. Thereby, many meaningful volunteer activities have come to unfortunate lives, poor children…

Walking for the community strongly spreads the message to many people.  Photo:

Walking for the community strongly spreads the message to many people. Photo: Kennedyjean04

Along with in-person activities, the online environment also recorded many walking tournaments, in the context of social distancing preventing people from contacting. Joining anytime, anywhere, depending on conditions and capabilities is a great advantage of the online environment. In particular, online walking tournaments often come with programs for the community, with high humanity and free participation.

According to sports organizers, types of online training and participation will become mainstream in the next few years because of the convenience, ease of participation but still motivating athletes. Some large-scale events have also moved to online format because of Covid-19.

Walk online to raise funds for children

Bringing the message “Every Step – Van Love” to connect the community, share difficulties, join hands to support children to have a happy Tet. Skechers has launched a free online walk “Skechers Friendship Walk 2021” for all to participate.

After a few days of implementation, the online walking tournament has recorded nearly 5,000km. It is expected that in the first 50,000km of the tournament, each runner completed will donate 1,000 VND to the “Tet of Hope” program of the Hope Foundation (HOPE). The funding source is deducted from the Skechers brand’s sponsorship budget.

Hoang Minh Hang (Hanoi) shared that she was very excited to join a sporting event that was both relevant and meaningful like Skechers Friendship Walk 2021. The 25-year-old girl every day spends 30 minutes walking with her friends at the park. Hoan Kiem Lake area. “I bring a phone with me to measure the distance, then update it to the system. Hopefully with 10km of contribution to the prize, the children will have more small gifts during this Tet holiday”, Hang confided.

The companion of the Miss H'hen Nie walking tournament.  Photo: NVCC

The companion of the Miss H’hen Nie walking tournament. Photo: NVCC

Accompanying the program, Miss H’hen Niê hopes that everyone will join her to register for a walk, practice at home and catch a new rhythm of life, and also contribute to support Tet gifts. for children affected by Covid-19.

Currently, localities have allowed people to exercise outdoors, activities have also been gradually eased. This is a condition for people to exercise, improve their health after a long time of rest, and find a normal rhythm of life after Covid-19.

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