Two former police officers suspected of ‘running a sentence’ in the wrongdoing at Thu Duc Hospital

Mr. Bui Trung Kien and Le Thanh An, former officers of the Police Department investigating crimes on corruption, economy, smuggling, C03) were arrested for allegedly participating in “running the case” for the Director of Thu Duc Hospital.

On November 10, Mr. Kien (45 years old) and An (41 years old) were prosecuted, arrested and searched by the Investigation Police Agency (Ministry of Public Security). Abuse of position and power, appropriate property, according to Clause 4, Article 355 of the Penal Code.

On the same charge, the investigating agency prosecuted and arrested Ms. Bui Thi Hong Giang (46 years old, lawyer), Mr. Tran Van Long (45 years old, general director of Vietnam Tourism Communication Joint Stock Company), Nguyen Ngoc Trieu. (48 years old, legal name Thich Dong Hue, former member of the Executive Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, member of the People’s Council of Ha Giang province) and Ha Duy Tuan (36 years old, residing in Bac Ninh province).

Mr. Trieu has completed his religious life and has stopped holding religious positions since November 8.

Authorities suspect that the 6 people above have received money to “run the case” for Mr. Nguyen Minh Quan, former director of Thu Duc City Hospital, in order not to be criminally handled. The incident happened before the case of raising equipment prices at this hospital was prosecuted.

Three days ago, Mr. Quan and Nguyen Van Loi (Director of Nguyen Tam Production Service Trading Co., Ltd.) were prosecuted for the same crime. Violation of regulations on bidding causes serious consequences, under Article 222 of the Penal Code.

The investigating agency accused Mr. Quan of colluding with Director Loi to comply with the provisions of the Bidding Law in the procurement of medical supplies and equipment at the hospital. This behavior is said to “cause serious damage” to State property.

Mr. Quan has been the Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Thu Duc Hospital since 2007, when he was 34 years old. He is considered one of the major contributors, raising the level of treatment quality of this hospital.

Pham Du

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