Vietnamese people are used to thinking about riding a motorbike even though they drive a car

The effects of motorbike riding, knowledge of the law and infrastructure make driving in Vietnam chaotic.

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    Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang: Are there spontaneous parking lots in Hanoi? I suppose yes. I think not naturally there. On this issue, from the perspective of state management agencies, Mr. Minh will be more specific.

    Mr. Tran Huu Minh: The demand for parking increases as people’s income increases, so does the rate of car ownership. Therefore, development planning, especially in urban areas, needs to be carefully considered for people’s parking space. There are separate areas that have already developed and need other solutions.

    When planning a corridor, route, not only for motor vehicles but also non-motorized vehicles, the parking space should be taken into account. It is not possible to ask people to be on the road all the time. Traffic order and safety, parking space is the responsibility of the local government.

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    Parking – urban dilemma

    Mr. Tran Huu Minh: Vietnam is only in the first stage of motoring cars. The rate of car ownership in Vietnam is about 23-25/1,000 people, Thailand is 270 people/1,000 people, Malaysia 350/1,000 people. It is not enough if we just blame the car owner for the lack of awareness.

    When the infrastructure is still limited and the demand for parking is large, problems related to traffic culture arise. At that time, the responsibility was also for managers, for how to organize and set up traffic-related regulations.

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    Parking in front of people’s houses

    Mr. Le Thanh Dung: In my opinion, the landlord only has the right to own real estate according to his boundary. They do not have the right to manage the roadway and curb unless authorized by the competent authority.

    There are currently no fines for parking in front of other people’s homes. If a homeowner breaks a car, they can be criminally prosecuted for destroying other people’s property. However, the driver needs to park the car in a cultured manner, pay attention to the parking location or leave a contact phone number when there is a need.

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    Driving a car still keeps the same mindset as when riding a motorbike?

    Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang: The current chaos in traffic is not only a consequence of the habit of riding motorbikes in Vietnam for a long time. There are many people who go by car according to the law, have good sense, and do not fill in the blanks. But there are also many people, I do not cover, they have the mentality that I have to be faster, faster because of work or some other reason.

    On the crowded road, one person in the wrong lane, thousands of people suffer. When we intertwine, the situation is not only congested but also congested. Like in Japan, where people consciously follow each other through a traffic jam, reducing traffic jams.

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