VM Amazing Ha Long Prize announced the route

Athletes will experience the beautiful running track by Ha Long Bay, through many scenic spots of the coastal city.

A special highlight of VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long 2021 is a sea-style running track. In most positions, athletes can see the Bay of Wonders in different beauties, sometimes hundreds of meters from Bai Chay bridge, when close to the sea route.

VM Amazing Ha Long Prize announced the route

The arrangement of starting and finishing points in 2 different areas. The runners of the 21 and 42km distances will start at Vinhomes Square on Tran Quoc Thao Street. And the starting point of distances of 5k and 10km is Sun Square, Wonder Road. The gate to the common finish line of all distances is Sun Square, Wonder Road.

At the distances of 5km and 10km, athletes will run along the coastal road with rows of green coconuts, white sand and through the most exciting amusement park in Ha Long. On these two arcs are famous tourist attractions such as Sun World beach, Bai Chay, Trade Port, Peach Garden…

VM Amazing Ha Long Award announced the route - 1

For those who love to experience and explore, the 21km road is definitely an unforgettable memory at VM Amazing Ha Long. After starting, thousands of athletes will run through Tran Quoc Nghien sea border, which is known as “the most beautiful Gulf of Tonkin”, Bai Tho bridge, Ky Quan street and especially, only runs through Bai Chay bridge once.

VM Amazing Ha Long Award announced the route - 2

The 42km full marathon takes athletes along the new and spacious Hoang Quoc Viet route, before going to Ngoc Tuan Chau island.

The gate to the finish line at Sun Square has a large open space, the road surface is up to 21m wide. All will have more than 1km to withdraw with one side the cheers of relatives and friends, the other side is the sunny blue sea. Runner can easily do PR and pose comfortably in front of the camera.

Before the match, the 21km and 42km athletes drop off at the starting area as usual. After that, the Organizing Committee will arrange a shuttle bus to transfer the goods to the destination area and distribute the map here.

VM Amazing Ha Long Prize announced the route - 3

To ensure the health and safety of thousands of athletes, along the running tracks, the Organizing Committee arranged 13 two-way water stations (both in and out), equivalent to 2km per station; 9 fixed medical stations and 3 mobile medical stations, equivalent to 4km per station; 15 portable toilets.

VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long 2021 takes place on December 5 in the tourist city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh province. The prize will close for ticket sales on 11/24. The organization is in the final stages of completing the final items, ready to welcome thousands of athletes and tourists. Register to buy Bib running here.

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