Wife lost 3 billion dong online

I am 30 years old, my wife is four years younger than me, married for more than a year; His wife is four months pregnant with her first son.

I am the youngest son in a large family. The wife is smart, talented, loves her family very much, lives in harmony, is friendly with her parents and siblings. Five years ago, my parents transferred me a land frontage worth nearly 2.5 billion VND. After I got married, I built a house with 1.2 billion dong, of which my biological parents supported 800 million dong, the wedding money for me and my husband was 200 million dong, and the rest borrowed 200 million dong from my sister without interest. My monthly income is about 15 million VND and my wife about 10 million VND.

Three months ago, his wife confessed to gambling online and owed 400 million dong. My wife cried, begged me for forgiveness, hoped for a chance to do it again and promised never to touch gambling. Because I loved my wife and thought it was the first offense, I let it go, and also made it clear to my wife: “In my family, I hate two things the most, one is adultery and the other is gambling. If you commit one of the two, you will die. Let’s go. I only forgive you this time, if there is a second time, don’t blame me for being cruel.” I borrowed 400 million dong from the bank to repay my wife’s debt and promised not to make a big deal out of it. My mistake is to forgive my wife too easily and trust her, to let this situation come to an end.

Three days ago, my cousin called: “Yesterday my wife borrowed 500 million dong from me to repay the bank, I only have 200 million dong, if you need it, let me transfer it”. I was too shocked, turned to ask my wife, she cried and begged for forgiveness. My wife is pregnant, so I don’t dare to raise my voice, just drive her to my grandmother’s house so that I can calm down. After forcing his wife to declare all debts, the number was up to 1.2 billion VND. I was so stuck, I told the truth to the brothers and sisters to make the best decision. The brothers and sisters want to help me solve these debts (they are economically better off than my wife and I) because most of them are usury loans, which must be resolved soon before the interest on the mother’s child.

If my father knew that he would never accept a gambling daughter-in-law, it would be difficult for his wife to live with my family in the future. After we agreed on a repayment plan, we wanted to find out more about whether the wife was honest by checking the transaction in the online gambling account and printing the wife’s bank account statement for verification. I discovered that my wife’s gambling loss was not 1.2 billion dong, but 3 billion dong.

More terrible is that just an hour after crying and begging for my forgiveness for the first time, my wife continued to send away 200 million dong. After I borrowed money from a bank, transferred money to my wife to pay 400 million dong of debt, my wife also spent all of her money on gambling. When my wife was at my grandmother’s house to calm me down, I beat another 200 million dong and lost everything. The entire amount of this debt of 3 billion VND is borrowed from my wife’s sisters, my sister, friends, business partners and usury. I was so disappointed and really lost faith in my wife. When my wife was pregnant, I didn’t let her touch anything, eating and drinking my mother cooked and brought over. You are loved by my whole family, why would you lie to me like that?

I decided to have a family meeting. My father advised me to get a divorce, thinking that gambling addiction is impossible to quit, will only help pay off the loan that his wife borrowed from his sisters about 650 million VND (the sisters also borrowed the red book from others to borrow and hot loans). The wife’s family was very difficult, after knowing that the whole family tried to sell pigs and chickens, they only got 20 million VND. If I don’t get a divorce, my father is worried that I will borrow from the gangsters to gamble, and at that time, it will involve my whole family. No matter how I decide, my parents still respect me, so in my life, my parents don’t interfere too deeply. The brothers and sisters do not want us to divorce, just separate, wait for time if the wife changes, then forgive. Divorce now is very unethical, husband and wife must stay together in times of tribulation and hardship. You are willing to take on a part of the usury loan to ease our debt burden.

Honestly, I really want to give my wife a chance to rebuild my life and also think about my unborn son. If I don’t divorce, later on, if my wife continues to get involved in the black society, it will affect my parents, I will regret it for the rest of my life. What should I do? Hope people give me advice.


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