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Wild anemone blooms in the suburbs of Da Lat

Lam DongThe neighboring areas of Da Lat such as Don Duong and Duc Trong were covered with the yellow color of wild flowers, but few people came to admire them.

Can Van Phu (30 years old) has just had a trip to take pictures of the wild sunflower season in the suburbs of Da Lat. In the photo, he is hunting flowers in Da Ron commune, Don Duong district. A native of Hanoi but grew up in Lam Ha, Lam Dong, he has been with Da Lat for more than 10 years.

In the last days of October, Phu enjoys the wild sunflower season at the streets of Don Duong district. He moved from Kan Kil and Chau Son villages in Dran town, through Lac Vien village, Lac Xuan commune, to Tu Tra and Da Ron communes and Lien Khuong airport, Duc Trong district. The photo above was taken in Kan Kil village when it was early morning, people went to the fields to work.

Wild sunflowers are like a carpet of yellow flowers, quietly blooming in the rice fields and corn fields in Tu Tra and Don Duong communes.

Yellow flowers are on the side of Tu Tra Bridge, which crosses the Da Nhim River.

In the last two years, Da Ron commune is a place where many tourists and photographers come to visit and take pictures of wild sunflowers because it still retains its pristine features and open atmosphere. However, here more and more greenhouses are springing up, making the space for wild sunflowers to bloom narrower.

Two friends, Hanh and Tuyen from Duc Trong district, were very excited to take commemorative photos and watch the wild sunflowers bloom.

Wild sunflowers, also known as chrysanthemums, painted anemones belong to the daisy family, with a dark yellow color. The yellow color of the flowers stretches endlessly, then winter has reached the alley. Van Phu said that in this year’s flower season, there are places where the flowers are more beautiful than last year, but there are also places where there are no flowers because people cut down the land to make way for other crops.

A female customer walks among the wild sunflowers of Da Ron. Compared to every year, this year the spots to see wild sunflowers are less crowded because of the complicated situation of Covid-19.

The pace of working life amidst the golden flower scene in Da Ron. The best time to see flowers is in the morning around 7:30am – 10am and in the afternoon around 14-16pm because then the dew drops have melted and the sun is not too harsh, making the wild sunflowers shine and shimmer more beautifully.

The hillside is dyed yellow with wild sunflowers, dotted with houses near Lien Khuong highway area, Duc Trong district. In addition to the above suburbs, visitors can hunt wild sunflowers along the route of Da Lat – Cam Ly airport – Van Thanh flower village – Ta Nung town – Elephant waterfall – Langbiang mountain or Da Lat – Lien Khuong – Nam Ban – Ta Nung.

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Photo: Can Van Phu

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