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A day in Hoa Binh city

The schedule to Hoa Binh city one day is suitable for tourists who want to take photos with both nature and man-made works.

Instead of going to distant locations and requiring more travel time such as Mai Chau, Hang Kia Pa Co… visitors from Hanoi can choose to visit Hoa Binh City and nearby places. Hoa Binh city is only about 70 km from Hanoi, easy to move during the day and also enough to change the atmosphere. You can refer to the schedule below.

See Thung Nai ‘miniature Ha Long’

Thung Nai Port seen from the vacant lot.  Photo: Trung Nghia

Thung Nai Port seen from the vacant lot. Photo: loyalty

To Hoa Binh, before visiting the city, you can move about 20 km to reach Thung Nai pier. If you start by car in Hanoi at 9am, you are expected to arrive in Thung Nai at 11am. Here, instead of renting a boat to experience traveling along the Da River, you can save more time and still enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At the exit of the wharf to rent a boat to admire the Da River, you can turn right to reach an open space. From here, you can see the large and small islands on the river, which is likened by locals as “miniature Ha Long”. Bring snacks and sheets to sit back and enjoy the view. Note that you need to clean up the trash before you go and take measures to avoid the sun because this is an empty space without trees.

Check in the orange garden

On the way from Thung Nai back to the city, you can see a few banana, orange, and corn orchards on the way. In particular, a Cao Phong orange garden located on the right attracts passersby with its gentle hillside and juicy oranges. Oranges cost 20,000 VND/kg. You can buy it as a gift and then you are free to take pictures in the garden.

Orange garden on the way back to Hoa Binh city.  Photo: Trung Nghia

Orange garden on the way back to Hoa Binh city. Photo: loyalty

Lunch break to eat specialties

Back in Hoa Binh city at lunch time, visit Long Phuong fish shop, the address recommended by the locals. The shop has delicious dishes that are all specialties of Hoa Binh such as fried fish heart, fried Da river fish, cha rui soup, braised fish with banana beans… The restaurant’s fried sticky rice is spread with eggs, so when eaten, it is very fragrant and greasy. . A meal enough for 3 people costs 700,000 VND. The shop has a space for guests to take a lunch break, including a large counter and a drinking area, suitable for you to rest, recharge to continue on the road.

Visit the hydroelectric plant

Coming to Hoa Binh, the experience of visiting a hydroelectric power plant is an activity not to be missed. Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant is a historical work of Vietnam, a symbol of Hoa Binh city. Currently, the entrance ticket costs 20,000 VND, for visitors only visiting the outside area. If you want to visit the technical area, machinery, visitors buy a ticket of 50,000 VND.

One of the other stops when coming here is the statue of President Ho Chi Minh on Ong Tuong hill. From the left, visitors can zoom in to see the whole city. On the right, you can see the hydroelectric plant from above.

Relax at the local coffee shop

Ufftea Coffee is the right choice for travelers who want to experience a quiet feeling, contrary to the hustle and bustle of cafes in the capital. The shop is located in an urban area on Huu Nghi street, next to the True stream. From the restaurant you can relax, looking at the mountain view.

Ufftea consists of 2 floors, in which the first floor is designed with an open and airy space, located in an empty residential area, so it is quiet, helping visitors relax and breathe fresh air before leaving for Hanoi. Interior. The menu of the restaurant is diverse, priced from 20,000 to 100,000 VND.

Ufftea Coffee has a spacious space with views of 2 streams and mountains.  Photo: Trung Nghia

Ufftea Coffee has a spacious space with views of 2 streams and mountains. Photo: loyalty

The trip ends at about 16h, tourists on the way back to Hanoi is expected at 17h30 or earlier. The schedule is suitable for those who like to take pictures and check in, want to take the time to relax and change the wind, not just around Hanoi. With the above schedule, in just one day, visitors will have many photos from various angles, from nature to man-made structures, beautiful coffee shops… Hoa Binh city area also has a number of other places such as: the dining area on the Da river dike, Ba Chua Thac Bo temple… you can add to the program, depending on your needs.



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