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Coach Park: ‘Now I understand how difficult it is to earn a point’

HanoiAfter the defeat to Japan on the evening of November 11, Coach Park Hang-seo admitted that Vietnam had many difficulties because of the difference in personal capacity in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

“Vietnam once again lost to Japan 0-1, after the last match in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup 2019. My players have tried their best, but there is still a gap in individual ability between the two teams.” Coach Park opened the press conference at My Dinh Stadium. “I can’t accurately assess Japan’s ability, but Vietnam is only used to playing with Southeast Asian teams, rarely facing strong opponents like Japan, so we are a bit self-deprecating. this needs to be improved”.

Coach Park Hang-seo answered the press conference after losing to Japan in the fifth round of Group B at My Dinh Stadium.  Photo: Lam Thoa

Coach Park Hang-seo answered the press conference after losing to Japan in the fifth round of Group B at My Dinh Stadium. Photo: Lam Tho

Playing at home, under the cheers of about 12,000 fans, but Vietnam could not create a mutation before an opponent ranked above 70 FIFA ranks. The team held the ball 33%, launched 6 shots and only one of them was on target. However, thanks to their tenacious play and resilient defense, Vietnam only conceded one goal, from Junya Ito’s 17th-minute shot.

After five matches, Vietnam continues to be at the bottom of Group B without winning any points. “We lost all the time, so the pressure was inevitable. In my life as a football player, it was only now that I understood how difficult it was to earn a point,” said Coach Park. “The opponents in this round are too strong. We should aim to continue to participate in the third qualifying round like this, and get better results.”

Asked about the possibility of narrowing the gap with the top Asian rivals, Coach Park hesitated: “We have to invest in youth football. Vietnam needs a seamless system, not just bring the team to the team. It’s too difficult for a country to come out and hope for good results.I can’t say in advance that after many years Vietnam can close the gap with the top teams in the continent.It’s been four years since I’ve been here. , until now we still have almost no striker more prominent.Nearly anyone surpasses the ability of Tien Linh, Duc Chinh, or before that Anh Duc. “.

The Korean teacher added: “That’s just an example. We need to solve a lot of stages, systematically, especially youth training. Very few U22 players are playing in V. -League, but the ability of players can’t go up in a short time. If you can’t compete, your ability will only go down. Next year’s SEA Games will be a difficult problem. The national team will meet too many opponents. If it’s not given the opportunity to compete and get used to the pressure, we need a long-term plan to get good players.”

After playing against Saudi Arabia in the sixth round on November 16, Park’s teachers and students will immediately start preparing for the goal of defending the AFF Cup 2020. He said: “It is true to say that the third qualifying round is a big tournament, but it is not true to say too much about Vietnam. Because we don’t set our ambitions on it. The players have accumulated a lot from the past matches. Still With the AFF Cup, our mission is to defend the championship. After the next match against Saudi Arabia, we will go to Singapore. A lot of players are injured and leave big gaps, we need to find replacements. We need to keep working hard and find new players if we want to defend the AFF Cup.”

Vietnam 0-1 Japan

Lam Thao – Nhan Dat


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