Girlfriend has so many good points that I can’t list them all

I am the guy in the article: “My girlfriend is angry because I don’t reply to messages right away”. Thank you for your comments to make me and my girlfriend see the right thing.

I was born and raised in a poor countryside, my girlfriend was born and raised in Hanoi. My family is very poor, but my parents still take care of my sisters to get a good education and are now quite successful. I have a house, a car, enough to take care of my wife and children, a comfortable and prosperous life. I was born into an ordinary family in this city. She said that when she was young, it was very hard because her parents were busy working, she had to take care of food for her two brothers since third grade; So now I’m very confident, cooking anything is delicious.

In the previous post, I didn’t tell you enough, so people have an unfriendly view of you. I give up my house and property to my ex-husband, raise two children alone, in addition, I help anyone in difficult circumstances. I don’t mind helping anyone, as long as I can, and never give credit for it. I am renting a house for both business and living, I also let three other people live without any money (including electricity and water), and do not ask them to help me with anything, even just sweeping the yard. I hire people weekly to clean the house, used to let many people in for free. She was willing to let strangers into her house to sleep when she knocked on the door and told her that her husband beat her and didn’t dare to go home. When I go to buy things, I don’t weigh them again, even if I buy 100 kg, I don’t check the weight because telling them to do it wrong will make me feel guilty, but I don’t need to doubt it. She never thinks badly of anyone, everyone is good in her eyes, I have never seen her speak ill of others. I said if I’m not good, I don’t play, that’s the rule of self-elimination.

When I made a bad comment about a class member, she was unhappy and fake: “Each person has a different point of view, so if you think they don’t fit, don’t play, don’t pick anything up”. I’m fair, everyone likes to go out with me. If I can’t pay, I’ll share it equally without letting anyone else bear the burden. I’m open, I don’t compare anything, if I don’t have money, I don’t buy it, I don’t think it’s expensive. The items I use are all branded, do not use fake ones. You may not have money, but you are still open, what needs to be spent is still spent. She said: “The poor are poor, but definitely not cowardly”.

I am good to my friends, relatives, to people who are good to me, everyone is ready to help if I am in trouble, but when I need it, I don’t ask anyone. She did not give anyone her account number for fear that they would transfer money to her, and I did not know her account number. Someone once knew my account number, every time they thought I was in trouble, they transferred money to help; After I tracked down the transferee, I returned the money. Whatever I trade, the whole neighborhood will buy and support even though they don’t use it much. What I sell to my neighbors is almost non-profit, I said: “I only profit from outsiders, but acquaintances don’t need to be counted”. I am successful in everything I do because I have the prestige, trust and support of everyone. I do everything for everyone to complete the best and be kind, everyone who asks me for anything is completely assured because I never take advantage. I always put everyone’s interests first.

With business, I don’t put economics first, always uphold quality; If other people do business with the same model, with the same revenue as me, they can make three times more profit than me. I often laugh and talk, sometimes I speak as if I am afraid that others will say my part. I said I was afraid to be silent, if everyone was silent, it would be very sad, if no one spoke, I had to fill that void. I live a very positive life, never feel sad, only sad when I miss my father (my father passed away) and when it comes to the pain of my previous marriage. She is quite beautiful and young for her age. Many people followed me very successfully, but I said to stand on my own two feet, no need to hold hands anymore. Only later did you accept me. She has a lot of good points that I can’t list them all.

With such a good girl, how could I easily let go? You are difficult with me because you ask and want me to be like you. You do everything too carefully, put all your heart into it, and love me too. Love me, although sometimes cold, but you take care of me little by little. She advised me how to wear it, how to say it to make the listener more comfortable, the same meaning, but she told me to choose easier words to say. You correct spelling mistakes when I make mistakes, don’t want me to abbreviate, lack subject and predicate. The way she commented made me not feel disrespected. She cooks delicious dishes when I want or when I’m afraid I’m lacking in nutrients.

I’m busy with children, work (two businesses and part-time jobs, all of which are successful), study…, those things take up all my time, but I said that when I consider someone important, I still spend it. Time for that person, never for them to think about anything. She always told me: “When people don’t want to, they find excuses, if they want, they will find a way”. You also know, in love, you put a lot of pressure on me but can’t change, if I accept it, then stay with me, otherwise you two will be friends. I was wrong, promise to change myself to match you.

I’m sorry I hurt you so much. You forgave me. I believe this love will have a beautiful ending.


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