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Hyundai revives the first generation Grandeur

The Korean automaker marks the 35th anniversary of the Grandeur model with an electric version, nostalgic style.

The electric special edition Grandeur Heritage Series blends the squarish lines from the first-generation Grandeur with a range of modern touches in what Hyundai calls “classic futurism”. The Heritage Series team of the Korean automaker worked for 8 months to launch this product.

The large chrome grille is one of the new features in terms of styling, the LED headlights are designed according to the appearance of pixels – similar to those on the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The taillights are similar in design, while the wheels and plates are similar. New side panels add to the classic look.

Grandeur electric version - 35th anniversary of the birth of the first generation.  Photo: Hyundai

Grandeur electric version – 35th anniversary of the birth of the first generation. Photo: Hyundai

Contrary to the unchanged exterior, the interior has been completely redesigned. The traditional dashboard and dashboard are replaced by a digital instrument cluster, which seamlessly connects to the wide screen for the infotainment system.

The piano-inspired control panel, with built-in soundbar, works in conjunction with an 18-speaker sound system, allowing for a concert hall-like sound.

A second screen in the center console uses the controls for this system, along with various driving functions. This display also controls the most unique feature of the Grandeur Heritage Series – a virtual piano, developed by musical instrument maker Samick.

The armrest between the front seats hides a secret storage compartment, with a metal gear selector protruding from the center console and the cabin finished in a combination of wood and polish.

The rear passenger compartment has been redesigned with burgundy velvet upholstery, Nappa leather trim and special LED lighting – what Hyundai calls the “infinity mirror”.

The Korean automaker has replaced the 2.0 petrol engine with an electric powertrain, but Hyundai has not revealed detailed specifications.

Current generation Grandeur.  Photo: Hyundai

Current generation Grandeur. Photo: Hyundai

Grandeur launched in 1986, used to be the flagship model of the Korean automaker for a long time, originally developed on the platform of Mitsubishi Debonair. Grandeur being sold in Korea belongs to the next generation. The electric Grandeur is a follow-up to Hyundai’s electric Pony concept, introduced in April.

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