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Hyundai’s flying taxi can carry people by 2028

Hyundai on October 9 announced plans to develop a 5-seat self-driving electric taxi that can take off by 2028.

Model S-A1 flying taxi at CES last year.  Photo: Hyundai

Model S-A1 flying taxi at CES last year. Photo: Hyundai

The Seoul-based automaker has transformed its Urban Air Transport Division into a new company called Supernal. Hyundai first unveiled its flying taxi design, the S-A1 Personal Vehicle, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last year. At the time, it also revealed plans to partner with ride-hailing app Uber.

Hyundai’s flying taxi model will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. They are also developing high energy density lithium battery packs. The S-A1 will operate fully automatically in the future. The vehicle is powered by 12 propellers. S-A1 can carry up to 5 people, reaches a speed of 290 km / h, flies at an altitude of 600 m and has a range of 96.5 km.

According to Hyundai and Supernal, customers will use an app similar to existing ride-sharing platforms such as Uber, Lyft and Bolt to plan a route from home to destination. Such a trip might include catching a car or train from home to a vertiport, using a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle to fly around the city, and using a tram on the last leg.

Hyundai and Supernal have partnered with Urban-Air Port to develop infrastructure for vertical take-off and landing vehicles. A large-scale dock prototype will launch in the UK next year. In the US, Hyundai is collaborating with the city of Los Angeles and Urban Movement Labs.

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