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iPhone 13 wins big on super shopping day in China

The four most popular smartphones on 11/11 are iPhone and the remaining phone model in the top 5 is Honor Play 20.

According to statistics on the JD e-commerce platform on the afternoon of November 11, iPhone 13 is the phone with the highest sales, followed by Honor Play 20. The next three positions are all Apple products, including iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro.

List of 10 best-selling smartphones on JD e-commerce platform on 11/11 super shopping day.

List of 10 best-selling smartphones on e-commerce platforms JD on 11/11.

Earlier, Apple’s online store on Tmall also announced that it had prepared 250,000 iPhone 13 units to serve the needs of users during the super shopping day. To avoid the situation of “hugging goods”, the system stipulates that each person can only buy a maximum of two machines.

On Weibo, China’s largest social network, screenshots of successful purchase of iPhone 13 appear densely. Member Wanke Guo said he’s been up since 0:00 to “hunt for sale” iPhone 13.

“I was fortunate to be one of the first to successfully order iPhone 13. A few minutes later I came back to buy another version, the notification system was temporarily closed because the first slots were sold out. Money is not an issue. , the important thing is that if you buy from the store, you have to wait a whole month to receive the device, but if you can ‘hunt’ on JD, only a few days later,” Guo said.

Initially, the iPhone 13 almost did not drop in price but was still sought after by many people. By noon 11/11, some people discovered that Tmall began to adjust the selling price. Specifically, the 128 GB version is reduced by 200 yuan (700 thousand dong) on ​​the list price of 5,999 yuan (21.1 million dong). Plus a voucher worth 400 yuan (1.4 million dong), users can buy iPhone 13 for 5,399 yuan (VND 19 million).

This information immediately became a “hot keyword” on Weibo. The large-scale “hunt for iPhone 13” broke out, making it quickly become the most searched smartphone on JD and Tmall. The two exchanges have not announced the number of iPhone 13 sold today. However, in the evening, the systems announced that they were temporarily closed due to out of stock.

This is not the first time iPhone 13 “sold out” in China. On September 15, when Apple pre-ordered iPhone 13, there were 500,000 units registered within 1 hour. This number increased to a million computers after a few hours and reached 2 million computers by the end of September 16.

Similar to other markets in the world, after many weeks of opening for sale, the supply of iPhone 13 is still not enough to meet demand. In China, long delivery times frustrated many people. Apple’s website says that orders for iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB in Sierra Blue color need 37 – 44 days to be delivered to Shenzhen users.

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