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Japanese coach: ‘Only scored one goal because Vietnam played well’

HanoiAfter a 1-0 victory in the World Cup qualifier on the evening of 11/11, coach Hajime Moriyasu admitted he was surprised by Vietnam’s progress, especially in the organization of attacks.

“The two teams have improved since the confrontation in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup 2019. Especially Vietnam. They made me really impressed,” coach Moriyasu said after the match at My Dinh Stadium. “Vietnam used to have good defense in the past, this game also improved a lot in attack, in terms of ball deployment. Coach Park Hang-seo has helped the players improve a lot, so that they can become a team like this. present”.

Coach Moriyasu answered questions from the media after the victory over Vietnam at My Dinh Stadium on the evening of 11/11.  Photo: Lam Thoa

Coach Moriyasu answered the media after the victory over Vietnam at My Dinh Stadium on the evening of 11/11. Photo: Lam Tho

True to Asia’s leading position, Japan dominated the game when holding the ball 67, launched 13 shots and five of them were aimed at the target. However, in front of Vietnam’s determined defensive style, the away team only scored one goal thanks to Junya Ito in the 17th minute. They still managed to put the ball into the net of Bui Tan Truong once, but it was not recognized because of his shot. Ito hit a teammate who was offside.

However, a 1-0 win was enough for Japan to climb to third in Group B with only one point less than second in Australia. Before that, they were under great pressure because they lost to Oman and then Saudi Arabia, only fourth with six points from the first four matches. “Japan is in a situation where they have to win this match to maintain hope. This is the first time we’ve been in this situation, so we feel a lot of pressure,” added coach Moriyasu. “I regret being denied a goal. But overall, the players played well. Only scored one goal mainly because Vietnam also played well.”

Japan’s preparation process in November encountered many difficulties because the plane carrying 11 players playing football in Europe had problems, arriving 12 hours later than planned. They therefore only had one full training session the day before the game. When asked about this, coach Moriyasu said: “Playing away is never easy, because of the difference in time zones. My players come back from many different places. But this is not the first time they have come back. played together. Some players were late due to the impact of the flight. But all were positive thinking and well connected with each other. Those who came early gave good support to those who came later.”

Japan will be a guest at Oman Stadium in the next leg on November 16. In the first leg, they suddenly lost 0-1 at home by Issam Al Sabhi’s 88th-minute goal. Coach Moriyasu said: “We see the next match as an opportunity to take revenge on Oman, after losing to them in the first leg. The whole team will definitely prepare seriously for that match. It will be difficult but Japan needs to win. to continue”, the Japanese coach determined.

Vietnam 0-1 Japan

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