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Letter from Truong Nghiem to Mai Diem Phuong

Director Truong Nghiem once wrote a letter to Mai Diem Phuong when he heard that she had cancer.

On the occasion of the upcoming movie about the life of Mai Diem Phuong (1963-2003), Zhang Yimou talked about the memories between him and the Hong Kong star. Follow Sina, in 2003, he invited the actor to play a supporting role in Ambush Ten Faces, she agreed to participate. In September of the same year, Diem Phuong revealed to the press that she had cervical cancer.

Chinese director Zhang Yimou tells his memories with Mai Diem Phuong.  Photo: Sina

Chinese director Zhang Yimou tells his memories with Mai Diem Phuong. Photo: Sina

At that time, Zhang Yimou only heard that the star was ill through the press. Soon after, he wrote her a letter.

“Dear Mai Diem Phuong

We’re filming the Ten Faces in ambush in Ukraine, and everything’s going well. I was very worried when I read that you are not feeling well, I hope you take care.

I was touched when she said calmly facing the illness and continuing to work as before. I believe in her sincerity, in her determination and courage. She has always been a very strong person. What she has done over the years proves it.

I really look forward to working with her, in my heart she is the best actress. Apart from her, we don’t know who to play instead. I will always wait for you, until you feel you can come. Moreover, her role in Ten Faces ambush does not have martial arts scenes, the filming time is not long, please rest assured.

Although I don’t know how her health condition is, I am waiting for her to join the Ten Faces ambush. Hopefully this short cooperation is just the beginning of our future cooperation.

Please write this letter to wish you well and my support and waiting for you. Again: I am always waiting for you.

Wishing you good health and good mood.

Zhang Yimou”

But after a while, Mr. Giang Chi Cuong, Mai Diem Phuong’s manager, called to tell him that Zhang Yimou could not come because he had terminal cancer. Giang Chi Cuong said that Diem Phuong regretted the failed cooperation appointment.

The letter Zhang Yimou wrote to Mai Diem Phuong

Mai Diem Phuong, wearing a wedding dress, sang the last song – “Trinh yang chi ca” – at her last liveshow in 2003. Many viewers said that until now, she was still moved when Diem Phuong waved her hand and said “Bye bye” at the concert. the end of the show. Video: Music

In December 2003, she passed away. At that time, Zhang Yimou was shocked, he and his crew commemorated the star at the set. Although she did not participate, at the end of the film, Zhang Yimou thanked the late actor for her trust in him and the crew. Mai Diem Phuong’s role is played by actor Tong Dan Dan.

The letter Zhang Yimou wrote to Mai Diem Phuong

Trailer of the movie “Mai Diem Phuong”. Video: Edko Films

Film Mai Diem Phuong is a gift from producer Giang Chi Cuong to his late friend. He said in 2003, Mai Diem Phuong said she wanted to have a movie about herself. Over the years, Giang Chi Cuong has always been worried about the singer’s dream, it took him a long time to find the right actor to play Diem Phuong – model Vuong Dan Ni. The work is directed by Luong Lac Dan, in theaters from November 12, with the participation of Luu Tuan Khiem, Lam Gia Dong, Co Thien Lac, Duong Thien Hoa… Many famous people like Luong Gia Huy, Thang Duy , Ha Sieu Lien… once watched early screenings, commented on touching works, making them cry.

Legend of Hong Kong art Mai Diem Phuong.  Photo: HK01

Legend of Hong Kong art Mai Diem Phuong. Photo: HK01

During her lifetime, she was active in two fields of music and cinema, reaping many achievements and was called “Hong Kong’s daughter” by the audience. In the film segment, Mai Diem Phuong left her mark with Selling a predestined life, Bronx Street riot, Arbitrary rights 2, prestige school 3, Ji Cong, Judge, Heroic Identity 3, Yen chi stitch… She won the title Best Actress at the two biggest awards in the Chinese language film village, Kim Ma and Kim Tuong. After nearly 20 years of death, she is still remembered by many colleagues and audiences thanks to her classic works.

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