Mau Thuy: ‘It’s okay to be single for the rest of your life’

Mau Thuy – runner-up at the Vietnam Universe 2017 – said that her mother did not urge her to get married, she just wanted her daughter to live peacefully with her family.

– How was your Singles Day (11/11)?

– I get up at 10 o’clock, then make coffee, do yoga and take pictures. Tonight, I invite my best friends to eat together. This day for me is just a day with beautiful numbers, easy to hunt for sale goods (laughs).

I was alone for a year and nine months. Single life is more interesting than I thought, more time for myself, freedom to get to know a few people at a time. I make my own money and spend it, not depending on anyone. Not only me, friends around also commented that Mau Thuy is getting more and more salty. Perhaps it is rightly said: “Women are most beautiful when they do not belong to anyone”.

Sometimes, I also feel confused because I don’t know what to do during the holidays. But I gradually got used to it, finding many activities to balance my life such as listening to music, watching movies, doing sports… I am an introvert, can stay at home alone for many days.

Mau Thuy

Mau Thi Thanh Thuy was born in 1992, from Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Hoang Phuc. Makeup: Quan Nguyen – Pu Le. Stylist Bin Nguyen

– Nearly two years after breaking up, who do you date?

– I only text, talk, not really dating. That boyfriend is not in Vietnam, so it is very difficult to arrange and plan to meet during the epidemic. I am afraid to love far away because of too many challenges. Now, even going to Da Lat to play, I still don’t dare.

Somehow I still feel very comfortable during this time. The sisters around me like Huong Ly, Hoang My… are all single and funny. We spent months of social distancing as volunteers.

Translation turns everything upside down, affecting everyone’s process of understanding and falling in love. Although it suits us very well, if we don’t meet in person, we can’t fall in love with someone. Texting each other until at some point runs out of things to talk about. But if you live in the same house, see each other 24/24 like the last time, I think many couples break up because of boredom.

The beauty said she could stay at home

The beauty said that she did not expect marriage, just wanted to find a lover in front of her eyes. Photo: Hoang Phuc

– At the age of 29, how are you in love?

– I’m ready to “give the green light” if I find the right person, but I won’t take the initiative to date, because I’m a girl. After ending a seven-and-a-half year relationship, I looked at my shortcomings to become a better version of myself, before moving on to the next guy. They say women should be a little more rational, but I’m still important emotionally. If you calculate too much, it will be a loss for the person who comes later. I feel in my life, at least once I have to love “dead and alive again”. It felt so crazy and exciting.

People’s perspective will change with each life stage. On my 20th birthday, I think 24 will get married. Four years later, I was too busy with my career to give myself two more years. When I was 27 years old, I broke up with my boyfriend. At the age of 29, I no longer expect marriage. I am a person who clearly distinguishes between love and marriage. Let’s just enjoy love first, if everything is ripe, at the right time, great. Otherwise, it was also a beautiful experience. I don’t push my boyfriend because I’m afraid of getting old and weak. When we first met, sayings like: “Do you intend to marry me?” can put pressure on men, and women lose their value.

– What does your mother say about her daughter’s view of love?

– My father passed away early, my brother has his own family, so only mother and daughter live together. Mother often said that I can not get married, to stay with her for a long time. I think if I get married in the future, one of my conditions is to “catch-in-law” or bring my mother back to live with me. I hope my husband happily accepts and loves my mother too.

I really enjoyed having a daughter and wanted to be a single mom. Later, I abandoned that idea because I realized that the child needed a father’s protection and education. I can’t be selfish, thinking only for my own joy and happiness.

– If you could share with single girls like yourself, what would you say?

– It is said that a girl’s youth is very short. I’m nearing 30, but I still feel that my youth is still very long. Looking back, I used to be very happy in love, so if I could choose again, I wouldn’t change anything. Some people will avoid pain, I choose to face the truth, enjoy and heal myself. Overcoming that period, I found life extremely beautiful, and I was brave. I used to think that I couldn’t love anyone anymore, but after this, my heart still flutters.

I hope single girlfriends don’t rush. Whether 20 or 30, 40, runner-up or a college student, everyone has to have their own standards. For example, I like people who are older than me, calm, funny, don’t like handsome guys (laughs). Someone advised me to choose the one I love, not the one I love, but I would choose both. If you meet someone with the same vision and values ​​and also love you, cherish and preserve them. Although I don’t put much emphasis on marriage, I am a serious person in love.

Thuy Van, Minh Tu, Mau Thuy catwalk

Mau Thuy catwalk with Minh Tu and Thuy Van at the event in April 2020. Video: Multimedia

Singles’ Day (also known as Quang Con Tit or Singles’ Day) takes place on November 11 every year, to honor those who have not found a life partner or prefer to live alone. This day originated from the idea of ​​a group of female students from Nanjing University (China) in 1990. They gathered to eat, drink, talk about their ideals of life, the joy of being able to do what they like… Naver – Korea’s number one media portal, when Singles’ Day spreads throughout Asia, many young people choose this occasion to travel, picnic, have a picnic with “sisters”.

In 2013, Mau Thuy won the first prize of Vietnam’s Next Top Model contest. In 2017, she participated in Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 and became the 2nd runner-up. Mau Thuy has participated in many international fashion catwalks: New York Fashion Week (2015), New York Couture Fashion Week… Ms. became a mentor (advisor) of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2019. Currently, she is one of the familiar faces of the domestic fashion village.

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