Solar farm as large as 70 football fields

The world’s largest floating solar power farm located at Sirindhorn Dam (Thailand) has been connected to the grid since October 31.

The farm, located about 660 km east of Bangkok, is made up of 145,000 solar panels with the task of generating electricity during the day. At night, the plant continues to produce electricity with three large turbines using the water power below.

Workers are checking solar panels at the solar farm at Sirindhorn Dam.  Photo: Reuters

Workers inspect solar panels at a solar farm at Sirindhorn Dam. Photo: Reuters

With the size of 70 football fields (500,000 square meters), the farm is considered the largest floating solar power project in the world, reaching 45 MW of electricity generation capacity. Initially, the project was scheduled to be completed in December 2020, but progress was delayed by nearly a year due to the pandemic.

To build, the Thai government invested $ 34 million and this is also one of 16 similar projects serving the country’s carbon neutral goal by 2065.

Like most Southeast Asian countries, Thailand relies heavily on natural gas to generate electricity for nearly 70 million people. Currently, energy from natural gas still accounts for two-thirds of the country’s electricity output, while solar, wind and hydroelectric power are less than 10%.

Unlike some countries that have committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the Thai government wants to delay this target to 2065.

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