The house has a semi-open roof

JapanThe semi-open roof brings light deep below and makes a difference to the minimalist house.

Looking in from the street, a two-story house on a plot of more than 170 square meters in Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture (Japan) doesn’t really stand out with its gray minimalist facade.

Up high, the work revealed the roof half closed half open.

The owner required a light-filled living space, so the design team arranged this special roof.

The open roof brings light and wind into the house. Thanks to it, indoor plants are eligible to grow.

Homeowners everywhere can be in contact with nature.

Combined with the semi-open roof, the glass corridor brings light deep below.

Homeowners can also feel the change of time and weather clearly.

The glass corridor also creates a light effect, decorating the house in a minimalist style.

Another requirement of the homeowner is that the house has a green area, so the design team has left a space between the garden house.

Light wood floors and dark wood floors create a boundary between the inside and the outside.

Construction to be completed in 2021.

Thu Nguyet (Follow DesignBoom)
Photo: tololo studio

Design: Keitaro Muto Architects


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