VinFast Lux SA offers another 100 million VND promotion

The Vietnamese car company reduced another 100 million dong for the SUV model, while maintaining the same preferential policies from the previous months.

The previous month, Lux SA was reduced by 100 million in cash. In addition, if customers pay directly (without installments), they will receive an additional guarantee fee equivalent to VND 136-144-161 million for three versions. Thus, including the additional 100 million VND reduction in November, the total promotions customers receive are 336, 344 and 361 million VND for each version, respectively.

Version Listed pricePriceReduction rate

(Unit: million dong)

But more than 300 million reduction above is not all incentives. Customers after receiving the car, registering to the sea will be given back 10% of the car price by the dealer, equivalent to the registration fee. If the customer buys a car but has not been to the sea, he will not receive this money.

Customers with a home purchase voucher of Vingroup can also use it to buy a car with the highest discount of 200 million VND. In the market, consumers can buy this voucher from someone who does not need it for about 80-100 million, which is still a discount of 100-120 million.

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Lux SA2.0 in VinFast's factory in Hai Phong.  Photo: Ngoc Tuan

Lux SA2.0 in VinFast’s factory in Hai Phong. Photo:Ngoc Tuan

In addition to Lux SA, a registration discount of 10% cash is also applied to both Lux A and Fadil. The company’s representative said that SUV models in the price range are offering deep discounts, so Lux is also being promoted so that more customers can access higher ground vehicles.



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