Tung Duong: ‘I am less extreme after many years of singing’

Tung Duong said he did not hug his own music “temple” but sang more genres to get closer to the audience.

– How do you get the reaction when you sing many young songs recently?

– I’m happy for the latest MV – The day is not stormy – Reach the top of popularity on Youtube. I suddenly have more fans, many children born after 2000, call me uncle. They danced and sang along with the phrase “When you cross the valley and the darkness holds your feet”, very funny and cute. I also read some comments from mothers, saying they let their children listen to music while weaning. Prior to The day is not stormy, I used to cover Brother eh, stay (Chi Pu), Muse (Hoang Dung), some of Ngot’s songs, have received good feedback but have never been so well received. I think this is a good way to make the name more popular, expand the audience, besides implementing art projects that are difficult to listen to.

Tung Duong covers 'The day is not stormy'

Tung Duong sings “The day is not stormy”, composed by: Phan Manh Quynh, original performed by Bui Lan Huong. Video: Youtube Tung Duong

– A few years ago, diva Ha Tran was said to “break down the temple” when singing market music, what do you think about your case?

– I don’t think I have to hold on to the so-called “temple”, and then limit my creativity. That will limit, make me not keep up with the trend, become obsolete. I think with the same song, each person has a different way of feeling, processing and conveying to the audience. While young people sang with innocence and freshness, I sang with the experience of a 38-year-old man, married and children, who lived a certain life.

I don’t mean to “steal” anyone’s hits and of course many people still prefer the original songs, but I don’t think it’s possible to perform exactly the same as the old version. Although I cover, I still make a distinctive mark with an internal voice, a little “monster”, “weird” very Tung Duong.

Tung Duong sings "SOS" with GDucky

Tung Duong sang “SOS”, collaborated with rapper GDucky in the liveshow “Human” last year. Video: Youtube Tung Duong

– Being inherently associated with picky music genres, why did you have such a change?

– A few years ago, some colleagues said: “Tung Duong is very conservative, never sings young music”. I began to ponder, learn the preferences of the audience. After many years of singing, I became aware that radicalization would separate me from the public. In the large international environment, each artist is unleashed in his own field. With smaller markets like Vietnam, I have to conquer a wide audience to survive. Moreover, the generation of musicians like Hua Kim Tuyen, Phan Manh Quynh, indie groups like Ngot, Chillies, Ca Hoi Hoang… recently have many good compositions that attract me. Their music makes me young again, discovering new sides of myself.

The “I” is both the strength and the weakness of each artist. Buddhism teaches us to let go, to be less stubborn and stubborn. I keep this in mind, try to listen, and acknowledge the achievements of others. I think each of us needs to know how to deny ourselves in the past in order to change. It is the inner struggle of each person.

Up to now, I have often searched for pioneering music products, suitable for audiences who like “heavy capital”, making many people prejudice my music difficult to listen to, I want to bring Tung Duong closer to my heart. closer, younger.

Tung Duong sings 'Brother stay'

Tung Duong sings “Brother, stay” (composed by: Dat G). Video: Youtube Hiep Pham

– What do you think about successful artists specializing in cover singing?

– No matter how successful cover singers are, they are still cooking, chasing after others, without original creativity. I do not cover indiscriminately but selectively. I will perform, make impromptu products, have no intention of pursuing this direction for a long time. I myself still find a lot of energy and creativity when singing songs that are “conceived” for myself. Next year, I will release a youth album with brand new songs.

Singer Tung Duong participated in the live show Musical Road, recreating his career on the evening of November 27.  Photo: Character provided

Singer Tung Duong participates in the live show “Musical Road”, re-enacted his career on the evening of 11/27. Photo: Characters provided

– Once there was a controversial statement about Bolero music, what do you think if one day I cover this genre?

– No, I know what’s appropriate, if “trying to eat sticky rice” with things that don’t belong to me, it will backfire. Many people misunderstood my opinion, thinking that I distinguish between “luxury music” and “not-so” when saying: “Everybody is infatuated with Bolero, it’s really a setback”. I still respect the genres of music that have become history, going with the years, admitting that sometimes new values ​​are not as attractive as old ones, but pursuing new things is my mission.

At the age of 38, what is the fulcrum for him to work?

My family is the back ground, the driving force of my work. I am lucky because my wife is attentive and shares many tasks. This year, I am often at home, right on the occasion when baby Elephant – my son – enters first grade, has to study online. The husband and wife take turns tutoring their children and shaping them. Elephant is only six years old, has not yet trained to concentrate, sometimes makes me angry. However, my wife and I try to reconcile between “soft” and “hard”, limit shouting, scolding, waiting for the child to gradually improve. I like music, haven’t shown singing talent yet, but idol, I know many of your songs. We have no intention of having more children because Elephant is still young. For me, children are a gift from God, having more children is a blessing, I will be very happy.

Tung Duong with his son - Mac Lam (nickname: Elephant).  Photo: Character provided

Tung Duong with his son – Mac Lam (nickname: Elephant). Photo: Characters provided

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