Avoid Robbery Then Play Pokemon Go, These 2 Police Are Fired

LOS ANGELES, Blogtuan.info – Two cops from the US Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have been fired for ignoring a robbery in favor of playing Pokemon Go.

Launch Sky News, Tuesday (11/1/2022), the two former police officers were named Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, respectively.

Through recordings from the in-car digital video system (DICVS), the two intentionally neglected their duties to assist the ongoing robbery response effort.

Both of them are even fun playing the game Pokemon Go.

According to court documents, the incident occurred on a “busy” Saturday in April 2017.

Initially, there was an incoming radio call about a robbery with multiple suspects going on at the Macy’s department store outlet.

Instead of responding to the call, Lozano and Mitchell backed off and walked away from the robbery.

In the initial investigation, both claimed that they could not hear radio calls.

However, his commander reviewed DICVS for the truth. Upon inspection, it was revealed that Lozano and Mitchell had deliberately ignored him.

A few minutes later, Lozano and Mitchell started talking about Pokemon Go and headed elsewhere because of the possibility of rare Pokemon.

Both managed to get two rare Pokemon, Snorlax and Togetic. But now, they actually lost their jobs because of it.

Lozano and Mitchell’s appeal against the dismissal was also rejected.

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