“Bring money back to mom” was included in the Math subject, students texted and asked Black Vau the answer-Young

Saturday, January 15, 2022 10:15 AM (GMT+7)

Recently, male rapper Black Vau’s “Bring money home” was included in a math exercise that made students excited, and even one of them was “muddy” to the point of texting the male rapper to see the answer to the song. What is math.

After 2 weeks of airing, the MV Bringing Money Back to Black Vau’s mother is still “storming” on music charts. The MV has attracted more than 35 million views on YouTube, holds the #1 position on Top Trending, is the best music product with the best effects at the moment.

Besides, Bringing money back to mom has also become a famous quote on social networks in recent days. Not only the “first ghost and second ghost” association, but even the teachers “catch the trend” very quickly. From the message reminding students to study seriously and bring back 10 points for their mother, or the Van exam, it quotes this cult hit song.

"Bring money back to mom"  was included in the subject of Math, students texted and asked Black Vau the answer - 1

Photo: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Linh/ Nguoi Ta School Group

Recently, Bringing money back to Black Vau’s mother appeared in a math exercise that made netizens extremely excited. Specifically, the Math problem uses the illustration of Black Vau hugging a fish at the end of the MV with the question:

“In order to fulfill his promise to bring money back to his mother, male singer Den Vau has set out a plan to save money according to the rule of multiplying by a factor of 2 and giving up 100,000 on the first day.

a/ Please list the amount of money the male singer saves every day from day 1 to day 4.

b/ Predict the amount of money the male singer has to save on any nth day (with explanation of the rule)”.

Immediately after being posted on social networks, this image quickly attracted the great attention of netizens. It is true that teachers are increasingly young and modern, and the ability to “catch trends” is not inferior to any Gen Z. With questions like these, students are both close, interested and also very practical. Teens can learn and understand more dry math knowledge without being bored.

Many netizens have left compliments for this math problem, some of you think that this teacher is extremely psychological and creative when he comes up with a good and unique math problem. There are even students who are “muddy” to the point of texting Black Vau to ask for the answer. I don’t know when seeing those messages, how will the male rapper respond?

– I’ve seen a lot of Black’s songs in Literature before, but I didn’t expect that the Math subject could also be included, it’s really excellent.

– Hello, pick up the phone and immediately call Mr. Black to see how much he put in the pig to bring money back to his mother.

– Bring money back to mom or bring back 10 points for mom, mom will be happy.