Dance drugs cruise party During omicron covid danger in America for LGBT | Dirty dance will be fierce here amidst the threat of Omicron! Adult party preparation on cruise

Miami: While the Omicron variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in the world, in the US state of Miami, from tomorrow i.e. Sunday, a tour called Atlantis Events is going to organize a huge event on a cruise ship for gays (LGBT). He is going. Actually, this program is being organized on the occasion of 30th anniversary of this company. At least 5,500 people can attend this week-long event in Miami.

Vaccines are safe, claims company

Let us tell you that America is at the top in the cases of corona at this time and people are being given strict warnings to avoid traveling on cruise ships, but even after this people are not following the corona guidelines. Atlantis Events, which organizes this event, claims that those who have vaccinated against Corona are now safe.

A large number of people deposited money to participate in the program

According to a news in the New York Times, a large number of people have paid for this gay cruise program running in Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. It also includes German graphic designer Andre Meyer. He said that this event is the time to start our life again. So we can join this program. At the same time, he said, ‘I have paid more than 9 lakh 97 thousand rupees in this program and after two years this party is going to happen for our community. I will definitely go there.

No refund will be given on cancellation of ticket

Let us tell you that in recent times, there were many such cases in which cruise passengers were caught by the corona virus. At the same time, people who have paid for this program will not get their money back on cancellation of tickets. That is, such people who are thinking of changing their plan, then they are not going to get any benefit. Because according to the company policy, the ticket should have been canceled 60 days in advance for refund. Now if they cancel the ticket, they will not get its refund and they will have to face the loss of lakhs.

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