‘Hero’ rushed into the burning house to save the little girl: ‘It’s great to save lives’

At the time of approaching, the “hero” only thought to help put out the fire, but when he saw a little girl trapped inside, he tried to carry the victim out.

At noon on January 12, a big fire broke out in a small 2-storey, 1-tum house located deep in alley 51 Luong Khanh Thien (Tuong Mai Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) causing many properties of the elderly couple. burned. Thankfully, both the couple and their two grandchildren are safe.

'Hero' rushed into the burning house to save the little girl: 'It's great to save lives' - Photo 1.

Image of Mr. Nam rushing into the fire to save a 14-year-old girl out

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The burned house of Mr. Vu Manh Cuong (70 years old, residing in Tuong Mai Ward) is only about 12 square meters, he lives with his wife and two grandchildren. At the time of the fire, 14-year-old VHY was trapped on the attic. Thanks to the bravery of Mr. Trung Van Nam (34 years old, residing in H.Nong Cong, Thanh Hoa), baby Y was rescued safely.

Share with YouthMr. Nam said, around 13 pm on January 12, while he was taking a lunch break, he discovered a big fire and immediately rushed to help put out the fire.

'Hero' rushed into the burning house to save the little girl: 'It's great to save people' - Photo 2.

“Hero” Trung Van Nam recounts the moment he saved a trapped girl

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According to Mr. Nam, when he climbed onto the roof of a neighbor’s house next to the fire, he only intended to help put out the fire, not thinking that someone was trapped inside. Seeing the girl, he immediately put his hand in, trying to get the baby out, that moment lasted only a few short minutes.

“When I climbed to the roof, I saw a lot of smoke inside, but when I heard the voice ‘help me,’ I didn’t think much of it, so I put my hand in and tried to get the baby out safely as quickly as possible,” he said. Nam said and said, when he was able to hold baby Y. he brought him to the roof next door. “It’s great to be able to save people,” Nam shared.

'Hero' rushed into the burning house to save the little girl: 'It's great to save people' - Photo 3.

Authorities used a ladder truck to bring the girl out

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“Hero” Trung Van Nam said, when he rescued the little girl out, she whispered, “Uncle, save my sister again”, he was about to come back to save her, but the fire broke out so fiercely that it was impossible to approach. . Fortunately, baby Y. was able to escape when he saw the fire.

After taking baby Y. out, it was time for the fire department to arrive at the scene and use a ladder truck to help bring him down safely. Baby Y. only suffered minor burns.

While looking around the ruined house after the fire to pick up the leftovers, Mr. Cuong said that at noon on January 12, he and his wife were preparing food on the 1st floor, when baby Y was taking a lunch break on the 2nd floor. There, Y.’s younger brother discovered fire coming from the socket and ran down to tell his grandparents.

“I shouted “Grandpa the house is on fire”, I thought it was a joke, but smelled the burning smell and smoke rising from the 2nd floor, I could only call everyone to help put out the fire and ask for help. I’m stuck on the 2nd floor,” said Mr. Cuong and said fortunately Mr. Nam was able to promptly support and save baby Y. out safely.

'Hero' rushed into the burning house to save the little girl: 'It's great to save people' - Photo 4.

Mr. Cuong looked for what was left of the fire

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Ms. Nguyen Kim Dinh, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of P. Tuong Mai, said Mr. Cuong’s family was in a particularly difficult situation. Y.’s parents died early, so the two sisters moved to live with their grandparents from a young age. Every day, Mr. Cuong works as a security guard, while his wife works as a street vendor.

“This is a particularly difficult family, and the locality pays special attention to it. Every year, we always have support packages for our families and grandchildren,” said Mrs. Dinh.

Police in Hoang Mai District said that this agency is proposing to reward Trung Van Nam’s brave act.