Olivia Culpo was asked to wear an extra shirt at the airport

America“Sexiest beauty in the world” Olivia Culpo was asked by airline staff to put on an extra shirt if she wanted to board the plane.

Follow Today, on January 14, Olivia Culpo caught a flight to Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) with her sister Aurora. An American Airlines employee said Olivia’s outfit – consisting of a black bralette, bike shorts and cardigan – did not conform to the passenger dress code.

Olivia Culpo was asked to put on an extra coat if she wanted to board the plane.  Photo: Aurora Culpo Instagram

Olivia Culpo put on an extra coat to board the plane. Photo: Aurora Culpo Instagram

Aurora was outraged and spread the story on her personal Instagram page: “Look at my sister’s outfit. Does she look lovely and suitable? They called Olivia to the check-in desk and asked to wear an extra coat to have You can’t get on the plane. It’s annoying.”

After that, Aurora continued to post a photo of another passenger wearing a similar outfit to Olivia Culpo, including a bralett, leggings and cardigan but not being asked to change clothes. “You see? This person looks so beautiful and they don’t care. They just made Olivia cover her body,” Aurora wrote on her personal page. This passenger also agreed that the airport staff was unreasonable when asking the beauty queen to change her outfit and I did not.

Olivia Culpo shared her sister’s posts on her personal page and asked for fans’ opinions. Some said that the actions of the airline staff were unreasonable and said the beauty’s outfit was not offensive. Others said that the Culpo sisters should follow the rules when flying and should not make a big deal. Reply sheet Today, said American Airlines is contacting relevant customers to learn more about the incident.

Many airlines in the US often make a fuss with their decisions to require female passengers to change their clothes before boarding. In 2020, a Southwest Airlines employee asked a student in Chicago to put on an extra sweater when she wanted to wear a bralette on a plane. In 2019, Thomas Cook Airlines had to publicly apologize to a customer for calling this person’s outfit “inappropriate”.

Olivia Culpo, born in 1992, was crowned Miss America and Miss Universe 2012. After that, she succeeded as a model. Last year, she got the magazine Maxim voted as the sexiest beauty in the world. Olivia Culpo has dated many stars such as Nick Jonas, rugby player Danny Amendola…

Olivia Culpo lingerie photo shoot

Olivia Culpo lingerie photo shoot. Video: Sports Illustrated

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