Philippines buys anti-ship missile system

Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana recently announced that the country has agreed to buy an anti-ship missile system from India to enhance security in the context of China’s increasing presence in the South China Sea.

Secretary Lorenzana on the evening of January 14 revealed some details of the nearly $375 million contract signed with BrahMos Aerospace Company to provide a shore-launched anti-ship missile system for the Philippine Navy, according to the Philippine Navy. AFP.

Philippines buys anti-ship missile system - photo 1
BrahMos supersonic cruise missile during an exhibition in Russia in 2017


BrahMos, a joint venture between India and Russia, has developed a cruise missile that the Indian Ministry of Defense claims is the fastest in the world. The Philippines will be the first country to buy this missile.

Lorenzana said that under the above contract, BrahMos Company will provide 3 batteries of missiles, train operators and maintainers, and provide logistical support.

Armed Forces spokesman Ramon Zagala said the new missile system will help deter potential aggressors as it can hit targets from a distance.

The cruise missile developed by BrahMos can fly at speeds of up to Mach 2.8 (3,430 km/h). This missile is being increased by India, but the export version for the Philippines is expected to have a standard range of 290 km.

The BrahMos cruise missile can be used for coastal defense and ground attack, which will help strengthen the Philippine military’s capabilities, according to the newspaper. Philippine Daily Inquirer.