Pregnant mother had a miscarriage, the hospital gave the wrong cancer drug, the child suffered a painful situation

The journey of pregnancy always gives mothers many sweet emotions. But besides that, there are many potential risks that make the mother always worry about the fetus. One of them is the phenomenon of fetal movement, if not handled promptly, can threaten the life of the baby. The mother below encountered such a case, but it was even more dangerous because of the mistake from the hospital.

The incident happened at the Changshou District Hospital for Mothers and Children (Chongqing, China) on January 12. Ms. Fu (who lives in Changshou District) was 2 months pregnant for the first time and went to this hospital for a checkup. After checking, the doctor said that she had signs of a threatened miscarriage, so he prescribed birth control pills and advised her to rest at home, 2 weeks later to check again.

Pregnant mother had a miscarriage, the hospital gave the wrong cancer drug, the child suffered a painful situation - 1

Ms. Fu had a miscarriage and was prescribed antispasmodics by the doctor to keep the pregnancy. (Illustration)

Ms. Fu took the prescription to the hospital pharmacy to get medicine. Because of her trust, she took the medicine to drink without checking the name. However, a few days later, the hospital called to inform her that the wrong medicine was given to her.

According to Ms. Fu, the doctor’s prescription for birth control was correct, but the pharmacist mistakenly gave her cancer medicine and it clearly stated: “Prohibited for pregnant women”.

The hospital called to apologize and asked Ms. Fu to come check it out. After considering, the doctor advised her to terminate the pregnancy because the other cancer drug could affect the baby, causing birth defects. However, Ms. Fu has not yet agreed and is still considering it.

Pregnant mother had a miscarriage, the hospital gave the wrong cancer drug, the child suffered a painful situation - 2

The pharmacist gave this pregnant mother the wrong cancer drug and now she has to abort the pregnancy. (Illustration)

“I wanted to have children, so I had to take birth control pills. But the pharmacist gave me the wrong medicine and now tells me to abort the child. Money is not the problem, I don’t need the money. Now I say I don’t want to have an abortion. What if the fetus gives birth to a child, are they responsible?“, said Ms. Fu, exasperated.

Currently, the two sides have not reached an agreement. The person in charge of the hospital said the medical malpractice had happened anyway and could not be restored. The hospital just wants to find the best solution. Ms. Fu’s side said she was still thinking.

What is fetal movement?

A fetal movement is a typical sign of a threatened, life-threatening miscarriage of the fetus inside the womb with the appearance of some red or black blood, mucus mixed with shoulder fatigue. , abdominal pain, lower abdomen distended.

Seizures usually occur in the first and second trimesters. It may appear for unknown reasons or due to some carelessness of the mother in eating and exercising.

During a miscarriage, the fetus is still alive. The cervix is ​​still closed or open at this time, but the fetus has not been expelled but is in the uterine cavity.

Currently, there is no treatment that is considered the best to help mothers overcome the condition of pregnancy. However, when there are abnormal symptoms, the mother should rest and go to the antenatal clinic to be consulted by a doctor for effective ways to handle it. Your doctor may prescribe antispasmodics or stitches to protect your baby from lying in the womb before birth.