Revealing the list of artists participating in Tao Quan 2022, VFC announces hot news that causes a lot of regret

Tet is approaching, Tao Quan 2022 is also about to be broadcast. At this time, any information related to the program makes it difficult for the online community to sit still. Recently, Thanh Nien newspaper said that the representative of VFC has revealed many things related to Tao Quan this year.


Up to now, it has been possible to determine with certainty that some names that will participate are Meritorious Artist Chi Trung, People’s Artist. Self-Long, Meritorious Artist Quang Thang, Meritorious Artist Quoc Khanh, VUgrace… Besides, there are many other young faces such as Trung Ruoi, Duy Nam… Particularly in the case of meritorious artists North Spring and NSND Justice There is no exact source yet.

The appearance of new faces will contribute to bringing new breath to Apple Army. Combined with the old cast, director Khai Anh hopes the audience will enjoy a new dish, a new comedy.



Director Khai Anh revealed that this year, Van Dung will still be the only female artist of the whole cast. She will play the role of Community Apple, reporting on many outstanding issues in public opinion over the past time. In particular, Van Dung will join Quang Thang to deal with Ngoc Hoang – Quoc Khanh in the ceremony Tao Quan 2022.

It took a few weeks for the artists and the team to figure out the outstanding topics and issues to include in the show. There are many comedy pieces, parody songs will be aired, inspired by these incidents.


Unfortunately, however, the upcoming recording of Year-End Meet – Tao Quan 2022 will have to take place without an audience. The reason is also because the epidemic is too complicated. Represent VFC information, the recording session will only have VTV’s photojournalists present. Other documents from VFC will be provided to the following press agencies.


It is known that during practice Tao Quan 2022 Throughout from the beginning of January until now, the artists and crews have worked at full capacity. To ensure epidemic prevention regulations, they must regularly be tested for Covid-19. It can be said that this year’s Tao Quan season is extremely special and memorable for everyone.