Revealing the relationship between Phi Nhung and a male director, the ‘right-room’ spoke up when being called a ‘little lady’

Recently at the Artist Life program, with the appearance of singer Ngoc Lien – who used to work in the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Music Group with Dam Vinh Hung, My Tam,… she shared about her life. personal life. Besides, Ngoc Lien also shared a few things about Phi Nhung as well as the relationship between her husband and wife and the late singer.

Ngoc Lien shared that in the world of artists, she often called her ‘little lady’, this is the nickname that the late singer Phi Nhung gave her every time they met. Explaining the origin of the nickname, the singer said because she married director Hoang Tuan Cuong, who was once loved by Phi Nhung. “Actually, the late singer Phi Nhung My husband and I used to know each other for a while,” Ngoc Lien said.

Phi Nhung once joked with Ngoc Lien that: “That day, the little lady didn’t take Mr. Cuong from me, now I have a husband, and people don’t ask me forever about when to get married.” Sharing about her husband’s situation, the singer said that there were many “pink balls” that passed her husband, but did not understand why fate chose the right one.

Talking about the relationship between her husband and Phi Nhung, Ngoc Lien also cleverly explained that she came to her husband at a time when both had been separated for a long time. The singer does not want people to misunderstand that she is the third person to interfere in Phi Nhung’s love.

Sharing about Phi Nhung, Ngoc Lien said that they were both very happy and often chatted with each other. She had a frustrating time and didn’t want people to call her ‘little lady’, but it was Phi Nhung’s sincerity and affection that brought the two closer and considered it just a joke.

“Just saying that, but in me, you Phi Nhung Always with the best memories. Typically, at dinner on the 30th of Tet, my family is often invited by Phi Nhung to have enough “small women” and “big women”, Ngoc Lien said.

Phi Nhung is known as a singer with a kind heart, she has a husband, but both have gone their separate ways since they were very young. Phi Nhung also rarely talks about this issue in front of the media. Only when the singer died and was brought back to the US, people searched and learned more about Wendy’s biological father.