Singapore Bans Unvaccinated Workers from Working in Offices

SINGAPORE, – Singapore has officially banned workers who were not vaccinated against Covid-19 from working in the office.

The ban was implemented on Saturday (15/1/2021) as part of Singapore’s Phase 2 plan for the workforce RT.

The new regulation also removes the previous policy that allowed employees to work in the office if their Covid-19 test results were negative.

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower announced that only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed into the office.

Those who refuse to be vaccinated will not be allowed to return to work even if they test negative for Covid-19.

In addition, Singapore also advises companies to give their unvaccinated employees work that can be done from home or place them in unpaid leave aka unpaid leave.

However, if a company determines that there is no way to accommodate an unvaccinated employee, it can fire them without any consequences.

Those who have not been vaccinated with the full dose will be allowed to remain at work until January 31 if they continue to test negative for Covid-19.

However, after that date, they must take the full dose so that they do not have the same fate as those who are not vaccinated.

In Singapore, people who refuse the vaccine have been barred from entering restaurants and many shops.

The “Lion Land” vaccination rate is one of the highest in the world at 82.86 percent.

In December 2021, the Singapore government reported that there were still around 52,000 employees who had not received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The government added that of this number, only a small proportion were not allowed to receive the vaccine for medical reasons.

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