The force “devalued” Ho Van Cuong’s sand to 200 million, paved the way back to showbiz with just 1 statement

The year 2021 is considered a year full of scandals of the “Vietnam Idol Kids 2016” champion, from the noisy money with his adoptive mother Phi Nhung to the way the singer behaves after the late singer is forever gone. Before the series of noise, Ho Van Cuong chose to retreat “in hiding” for a while. Recently, the 10x vocalist officially returned to the stage after a long absence and announced that he had joined a new entertainment company.

In addition, in order to overcome the fierce competition of showbiz as well as confidently return to the singing path, Ho Van Cuong now also receives the “sponsorship” of the singer Ngoc Son and the businessman elected Thuy. In early 2022, the winner of “Vietnam Idol Kids 2016” was taken by the voice of “Mother’s Love” to perform in a program organized by elected Thuy.

Not only that, the “king of cheesy music” also firmly affirmed that in the future Cuong would have “his own program, have his own name, have respect, sing many songs and sing well” to sing without accompanying. In particular, the voice of ‘Father’s Love’ revealed to the media in the latest show that adopted child Phi Nhung was signed a separate contract and received a salary of 200 million VND.

As soon as this information was revealed, it caused a wave of fierce controversy in the online community. Many viewers think that the number 200 million is too virtual because this salary level is twice the number of Phuong My Chi, on par with A-list stars who have experienced for many years. There are also opinions that, elected Thuy and Ngoc Son are deliberately pushing the price of Ho Van Cuong’s singing up too high, which will affect the male singer’s activities in the near future.

Because during the difficult time of the epidemic, many entertainment activities have been halted, the show voters and event organizers with that amount of money will be careful not to invite Ho Van Cuong to perform.

In the face of mixed opinions of the online community, recently the management company of 10x vocalist confirmed to many media units that the 200 million dong salary that Ho Van Cuong received was true.

However, sharing more that the remuneration to avoid misunderstanding is to sing “heavenly”, the male singer’s representative just corrected on Dan Viet that, 200 million VND that Ngoc Son, elected Thuy paid for Ho Van Cuong is including the cost of helping the male singer sing again. In fact, the current salary level of Ho Van Cuong is not 200 million VND. The upcoming shows Ho Van Cuong participates in, the price will remain normal and appropriate.

Before that, when he was not entangled in the sand-level scandal, Ho Van Cuong was brought to his home in Ho Chi Minh City by singer Ngoc Son to teach him how to breathe, pronounce, release words, pull air and even expression style. perform on stage. Ngoc Son shared: “Ho Van Cuong is a voice with a beautiful and strange voice, very good. The problem is pronunciation, this is a very important thing for a singer.”

In just a short time of working, “the king of cheesy music” affirmed the nature of the “Vietnam Idol Kids 2016” champion as a person with progressive, polite, and sincere intentions. Besides, Ngoc Son also thinks that Ho Van Cuong is a person who possesses a natural ability in music, has a distinct color, so he easily conquers the audience and loves art.

Singer 6X has a strong belief that in just a short time of practice, Ho Van Cuong will develop all his strengths and become one of the talented singers in the Vietnamese music industry.

It can be seen that after the ‘money’ noise with the management of the late singer Phi Nhung, the fact that Ho Van Cuong was jointly helped by Bau Thuy and Ngoc Son and had an opening price of up to 200 million will be 1 the momentum for the 18-year-old male singer to confidently return to artistic activities. With only one statement that Ho Van Cuong’s salary in a show is 200 million, Ngoc Son and Bau Thuy have proved that the male singer’s opportunity to return to showbiz is completely open.