The truth about abstinence and the great cavalry in the full moon day of December

Abstinence and great cavalry on the full moon day of December for fear of bad luck and bad luck

From the past, on the full moon day, the 1st day of the New Year, Eastern people mostly avoid “the room”. According to the old concept, husband and wife relationship on these days will be prone to bad luck, bad luck, even great drought.

In the past, kings, generals, before going to war, or doing big and important things… they all avoided “doing it”, and had to shower and fast for 3 days before the ceremony.

The book To Nu Kinh also wrote about taboos in the bedroom (excerpt) as follows: “It is forbidden to have intercourse on the 1st, full moon day, and last day of the lunar month, violating these taboos when giving birth to children will result in sexual misconduct. I was injured, and I “can’t raise it”, in that time I was urged to be cremated, meaning that the fire of desire burned the three cans, so the urine emitted was red or dark yellow when there was more genetic disease. crystals, reducing lifespan”.

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The old concept that “doing it” on the full moon of December, the day of the squirrel, the day of hope, is easy to encounter bad luck, bad luck, even great drought.

According to the traditional concept, male belongs to yang, female belongs to yin. When yin and yang are not in harmony, reproduction is affected, leading to many other problems… The full moon day and the 1st day are the time when “the moon is not in harmony”, the moon belongs to yin (at this time, yin is bad), ie. is unbalanced yin and yang – not good for sex and will bring bad luck.

The view of abstinence, that great taboo comes from ancient times, that everything needs to be kept clean, including sex in the bedroom. Although not popular among the people, but old kings, mandarins, and nobles passed it on to each other to maintain health and maintain the breed.

Besides, the Eastern feudal period also put a lot of emphasis on the concept of what problems “stick” to women or risk … so before attending major affairs, sacrifices to heaven and earth, ancestors … From the king, mandarin, aristocrat must abstain from “doing it”.

There is also a legend that avoids “doing sex” on the “five poisons 5/5 lunar calendar” day (because it is a day when yin and yang fight, yin wins yang, brings bad luck, easy to encounter bad energy), day ” Nine poisons on 9/9 lunar calendar” (for the Trung Duong New Year is the time when yang qi is prosperous, overwhelming yin and yang, causing imbalance of yin and yang), so couples doing “sex” on those days will damage their health, energy for both.

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Couples need to learn basic knowledge to promptly handle bedroom accidents. Illustration.

Should we abstain from sex on the full moon day, the 1st or not?

Today, there are more modern views, saying that abstinence, the great cavalry on the full moon day, the 1st day, especially the full moon of December, is for the couple to have time to rest, recuperate, and then the following days. will be fitter and healthier. Therefore, abstaining or not abstaining from “sex” depends on the individual and living conditions.

As society is more modern, people also have a more positive view of “sex”, some couples even choose the beginning of the new year to “open love” to make the New Year’s love more passionate. Scientists say that it doesn’t matter when to have sex, what should be concerned is the health of both people involved. If both are healthy and have the desire, there is no reason to refuse, and the children formed during this time are born healthy (if the young parents have no problems before and after conception). pregnancy).

It is noted that the full moon day of December is the last full moon day of the year, starting for a whole New Year season, there will be more things to do than usual, the weather is also colder, so couples pay attention to stay healthy. . If the work is busy, tired, exhausted, unwell, but “having sex”, you may experience bad developments, easily face health risks that make “love” unhappy, going well.

Sex closeness is a normal physiological need of humans, but in order to avoid “marital accidents” couples – especially young couples need to learn basic knowledge to handle it promptly and correctly. How to avoid a bedroom accident (to avoid the case where the wife wears a needle to prevent an accident in the bedroom, but when the incident occurs, it is embarrassing to know where to stab Truong Cuong).

The full moon of December begins to prepare for the holiday season. In addition to keeping healthy, couples also need to pay attention to the frequency and appropriate love posture to “have sex” in moderation, and “listen” to their bodies. said to satisfy both. If you have problems with sex, take a rest, relax for normal health, or soon go to a specialist doctor for advice, examination and correct treatment.

In terms of medicine, after having sex, it is necessary to rest and replenish for a few days to be healthier. Thus, the matter of abstinence, the great cavalry of “doing it” on the full moon of December depends on each person’s personal opinion, but choose the time when the spirit and health are in the best state to act. The things the ancients concluded should not be underestimated, and limited to be taken – because so far people still believe in the teachings of the ancients, although true, right and wrong, there has been no scientific proof so far.

(The article has reference to the information “Should I have a relationship on the 1st full moon day: Explained by an expert” of BVVD).