Together with adultery, women receive 100 lashes, men deny the crime, so they only get 15 lashes

A married woman in Indonesia was fined 100 lashes for having an affair with another married man.

According to AFP, the public whipping session under Islamic Sharia law was carried out in Aceh province on January 13. This is the only province in Indonesia that applies Sharia law, which allows caning for gambling, adultery, alcohol and same-sex relationships.

Together with adultery, women receive 100 lashes, men deny their crimes, so they only receive 15 lashes - photo 1

The woman was married but committed adultery and was punished with canes


The married couple was caught red-handed in an oil palm grove in 2018. The woman admitted to the investigative agency about having sex outside of marriage.

Meanwhile, Ivan Najjar Alavi, head of the investigative unit at the East Aceh prosecutor’s office, said the man had denied all allegations.

“During the trial, he pleaded not guilty, denied all charges. So the judges cannot prove whether he is guilty or not,” Alavi said. This man at the time held the position of head of the fisheries agency of East Aceh.

As a deterrent, the judges convicted the man of showing affection to a woman who was not his wife.

The woman was punished with 100 lashes and at one point the trial was suspended because she was in too much pain. Meanwhile, thanks to a successful appeal, the man was only given 15 lashes instead of 30.

Many people watched and filmed the caning session for the adulterous couple to post on social networks.

Aceh implemented Islamic law as part of a 2005 agreement to gain self-rule, ending a years-long separatist insurgency.

Human rights groups have denounced public caning as brutality, while President Joko Widodo has called for the punishment to be abolished.

Also during the trial on January 13, a man was found guilty of having sex with a minor. He was sentenced to 100 lashes and will be sentenced to 75 months in prison.