Valve says Steam Deck is on track to ship at the end of February

According to the latest information from Valve, its Steam Deck handheld game console will get rid of the delay and reach users by the end of February.

According to The Verge, previously in November, Valve announced a launch delay that made the Steam Deck fan community wait for another 2 months. And the latest 2022 news about the device was on a positive note, with the company saying it ‘looks like’ Steam Deck shipments will start to ship at the end of February. Of course, given that the world is in the middle of nowhere. In the face of a pandemic and things are always subject to change, The Verge’s employee pre-order portal remains steady with initial projections.

Valve said that the Steam Deck is on track to ship at the end of February - Photo 1

Steam Deck is preparing to ship at the end of February

The Verge

In addition to the important point of hardware, games on the Steam Deck are also something to behold. Valve sent out hundreds of Steam Deck units to developers last month so they can ensure that their PC games are fully compatible with the hardware and software environment provided by AMD. Games need to be thoroughly vetted to receive a ‘Verified’ green tick.

There have been many posts appearing on social media showing the makers of the most popular titles testing their games on the Steam Deck.

However, there is still something curious that is for the Steam Deck plug, it still does not have an official image and price. According to the Steam Deck portal from Valve, this dock will help players bring games to the big screen and comes with ports like Ethernet, USB, power and USB-C. Everything is still waiting for official information from Valve’s latest hardware project in the next few weeks.