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2 social insurance regimes for employees is F0

1. F0 employees are entitled to sick benefits

Conditions for enjoying sick benefits

According to Article 25 of the 2014 Social Insurance Law, the conditions for enjoying sick benefits are as follows:

– Sick or have an accident that is not a work accident, must take time off work and have a certificate of competent health inspection and treatment facilities according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

In case of illness or accident and must leave work due to self-harm, drunkenness or use of narcotics or drug precursors according to a list determined by the Government, they are not entitled to a sick regime.

2 social insurance regimes for employees are F0 - 1

– Must take time off work to care for sick children under the age of 07 and be certified by a competent medical facility.

Application for sick compensation

For employees who are undergoing hospitalization F0 : Hospital discharge letter;

Outpatients have a certificate of leave to enjoy social insurance or a certificate of discharge from the hospital determined by the doctor or treating doctor for additional leave after the hospitalization period.

For each examination, the patient is given a leave certificate to enjoy social insurance for a maximum of 30 days.

In the event that F0 needs to rest more than 30 days, when the leave period stated on the leave certificate issued for social insurance benefits expires or is about to expire, the F0 person must carry out a follow-up examination for consideration by the practitioner. and decide.

Disease benefits and application instructions

During the leave period, the employee is entitled to 75% of the salary on which the social insurance premium was based in the previous month before leaving.

In the case of a new employee starting work or an employee who has previously paid social insurance contributions, and then his working hours are disrupted, he must leave his job to enjoy sick benefits within the first month or so. work, the level of enjoyment is equal to 75% of the salary on which social insurance premiums are based.

2 social insurance regimes for employees are F0 - 3

To enjoy sick benefits after recovering from Covid-19, employees must submit to the employer a copy of the hospital discharge letter (in the case of inpatient treatment); a certificate of leave for social insurance or a certificate of discharge from the hospital shown by a doctor, the treating doctor provides additional leave after the treatment period (in the case of outpatient treatment) within 45 days from the date of return to work to submit an application. application and send it to a social insurance agency.

The social insurance agency will handle the benefits for employees within 6 working days from the date of receipt of the complete file as specified. Completing the procedure, employees can receive money through their personal accounts or through the employer.

2. Recovery mode to restore health after illness

According to Article 29 of the Social Security Law of 2014, if an employee has taken time off to enjoy sick benefits for a specified period of time but within 30 days after returning to work, the employee’s health has not recovered, recovery, recovery of health.

The rest period to enjoy a period of recovery and health rehabilitation in this case will be determined by the employer and grassroots union officials, but should not be more than 10 days for employees whose health has not fully recovered from illness due to illness requiring long-term treatment; a maximum of 7 days for employees whose health has not recovered after being sick due to surgery; equals 05 days for other cases.

The amount to be enjoyed during the recovery period is 30% of the basic salary (equivalent to 447,000 VND/day).

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