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3 motorcycles crashed in a row due to serious errors: 3 seconds of luck

Security cameras record accidents that occur on busy highways. A white car parked on the side of the road. From a distance, a man with a bare head, no hat, wearing a mask is walking on the wrong path.

Approaching the car park, the man suddenly hit a motorbike traveling from the opposite direction. The accident caused both motorbikes to be thrown off, accidentally hitting a man and a woman who were also moving. The four of them fell to the ground in pain. The couple was dragged down the road, almost hit by a passenger car. However, within seconds, the two luckily dodged in time, saving their lives.

3 motorcycles hit in a row, the person was almost run over by the passenger wheel

The clip recorded a traffic situation that made many people angry. Some netizens said that the man in the wrong lane made the biggest mistake, followed by a proudly parked car, blocking the roadside error. This is a wake-up call about awareness of participating in traffic safety for people: a mistake, which caused a lot of people to get involved!


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