3 very powerful technology cores help you “win unbeaten” at the beginning of the game

Perfect couple

For gamers Arena of Truth One of the most annoying feelings is buying many of the same generals but never being able to upgrade to 2 stars. This can cause you to suffer a very deep losing streak because no matter how strong the unit is, they can’t beat many opponents at 1 star level. This problem can be solved very well with the Perfect Pair core when it comes to giving your champion pair more attack and defense stats.

Arena of Truth: 3 powerful technology cores to help you win in the early game - Photo 1.

Perfect Couple Core will help you win even if you have a lot of pairs and haven’t raised the champion to 2 stars

In addition, this core is also very suitable for the strong squads in the current meta, namely Inventors and Gangs. With the Inventors team, you will often find yourself in a situation where you have to use the same general to save gold while waiting for the 5 champion mark. So the core of Perfect Couple will help gamers overcome the toughest times of this squad. Regarding the Gang team, this core allows you to use a lot of Braum, Ahri at the end of the game and create incredible powers.

Sniper Drive

Among the main ranged systems, Gunner has a strong champion early in the game in terms of damage like Caitlyn, Abu. This champion becomes more dangerous when he has a Sniper Drive core with a bonus damage of up to 40%. It is worth mentioning here that the amount of damage is not only damage from normal attacks but also from skills. Therefore, it was quite understandable that 1-star Caitlyn could launch a 2-star champion with this core.

Teamfight Tactics: 3 powerful technology cores to help you win unbeaten early in the game - Photo 2.

Caitlyn’s skill will deal massive damage at the beginning of the game with Sniper Drive core

Moreover, the meta in the latest version also doesn’t support having Blitzcrank earlier. Therefore, gamers will be calmer in leaving the Gunner unit silent and activating the effects of this core technology. In late game, this core is really a nightmare to use Jhin or Zeri when it will amplify the already great damage of these pieces. So if you have ADC from the start, the Sniper Drive core is the number 1 choice early in the game.

Super Tech Implant

As the name implies, this core is directly taken from the effects of the Super Tech season 3 race with the ability to increase health, AD for champions who hold equipment. This is a very strong effect early in the game when it helps units in the squad to have more resistance and do more damage by holding only 1 item. With the fact that after the first 3 rounds of monsters you will have 3 odd pieces of equipment, this core can provide 450-1350 health, 30-90 AD for troops right at stage 2, not a small amount.

Teamfight Tactics: 3 powerful core technologies to help you win in the early game - Photo 3.

If you choose this core, you should aim for the squad that uses the Recycler race to maximize the effect

Of course, towards the end of the game, this effect decreases in value as you focus on creating a certain champion. However, it still proves very useful if you use big Recycling milestones like 4 or 6 champions and help these units have terrible tenacity. If a player has a Recycled Forger core in the future, the value of this upgrade becomes higher over time.

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