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3 ways to help your home smell natural

1. Buy scented plants

Instead of buying flowers to decorate your home and to scent a room, use leafy plants like scented pine, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc. is a very good choice for this winter.

3 ways to fill your home with natural fragrance without scented candles - Photo 1.

Each fragrant leaf plant has a different scent but all of them have the effect of repelling insects and helping you relax your body. Pineapple has a very cool banana green color, classic dark green rosemary, eucalyptus has more than 200 different plants, so the tones are even more diverse.

They like the sun but don’t like to drink a lot of water, so a bright place like a window is perfect. Summers are green, winters are lush, scents are soothing, cool will make you want to inhale forever.

2. Use a bunch of dry sage

Sage may be familiar to those of you who are interested in meditation, yoga, and other mental relaxation therapies. The many benefits of sage are mental and psychological but also physical. It is believed that the strong scent of sage can cleanse the bad energy in the room, at home, and in the mind and find inner peace within each person.

According to research wise releasing negative ions into the air when burned, exposure to negative ions can help reduce the risk of depression. Since the aroma is rather strong, it’s best to roast a bunch of sage once a week to relax and remember to open the windows to welcome new energy.

3. Making Potpourri at home

Potpourri is a French word meaning “bag of fragrant flowers” or “bag of fragrant dried”. It is a method of creating scents through the mixture of scents from different ingredients such as dried flower petals, dried leaves or different flowers and plants. All create a very gentle, gentle fragrance and not too harsh or intense like essential oils, which is very pleasant and comfortable for the user.

3 ways to fill your home with natural fragrances without scented candles - Photo 4.

For beginners making potpourri, the simplest way is to put dry ingredients such as pinecone, oranges, star anise, rose, herbs… into a glass jar and drop your favorite essential oil into it. 3-4 weeks.

If you want to create potpourri in your living room, you should look for flowers in bright colors to create more energy and positivity. In addition to glass jars, cloth bags are also very suitable if you put potpourri in your wardrobe, drawer…

Maybe the first time, the first two times you won’t get the potpourri scent you like, but try mixing a few times and you’ll feel it right away. Apart from that, you can find videos on Youtube for more tips.

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