3-year-old girl nailed to the head by her mother’s lover has died

Speaking to us on the evening of March 12, a representative from Saint Paul General Hospital said that a 3-year-old girl who was nailed to her head died at 7:15pm that same day. The cause of death was determined too severe, irreversible brain damage.

“Once she was admitted to the hospital, the girl suffered severe brain damage. After 2 months of treatment, there was no time to move her limbs or develop”, the representative informed.

Currently, the girl’s family is at the hospital receiving her body and bringing it to the scene to deal with the aftermath.

Do Huu Chuc, the baby’s grandfather, said that although the family wanted the doctor to remove the needle from the baby’s head, it was too late. The family, lawyers and police are working closely with the hospital to carry out a forensic examination.

    Sad News: The 3-year-old daughter who was nailed to the head by her mother's lover has died - Photo 1.

D.NA girl, 3 years old, died on the night of March 12 after 2 months of intensive care at Saint Paul General Hospital

    Sad News: A 3 year old girl who was nailed to her head by her mother's lover has died - Photo 2.

Nguyen Trung Huyen at the police station (Photo: provided by the police)

Earlier, on the evening of January 17, Thach That District General Hospital received a 3-year-old girl, D.NA, from Canh Nau commune, Thach That district, who was hospitalized in a coma and convulsions. Baby A. was transferred to Saint Paul General Hospital. After a scan, he found 9 nails in his skull.

On January 20, City Police. Hanoi sued and detained Nguyen Trung Huyen, 30, a carpenter, lover of baby A’s mother. At the police station, Huyen admitted to nailing the girl’s head. Previously, the baby was hospitalized for pesticide poisoning, broken arm, swallowed nails, earache, all caused by Huyen.

The family said that Do Huu Chung and Nguyen Thi L. (A.’s mother) had been married for more than 10 years. The couple came together not out of love, but through an arranged marriage. Because Mr. Chung is not agile, L. is the breadwinner of the family. Both gave birth to 3 children.

In February 2021, L. left, leaving the children to be raised by the grandparents. Three months later, L. returned to pick up the child, both of whom were divorced. The two oldest children live with their grandparents in the commune of Canh Nau, the youngest D.NA lives with their mother.

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