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4 sex habits that destroy a woman’s womb very quickly

For woman, womb is a very important part. Only when the uterus is healthy the menstrual cycle will be normal, the chances of conception are high. In addition, if the uterus is in good health, it can encourage the body to excrete “waste” that has accumulated in the body, increase estrogen secretion, and has a very good effect on maintaining youth. , beautiful woman .

However, how do you know if your uterus is healthy or not? In fact, the morning is the best time to monitor the health of the uterus, if you wake up and urinate for the first time in a day, you will still see the 3 signs below, which indicate that the uterus is still intact. are in a “healthy” condition. Especially women in their 40s should pay attention to these signs as this is an age with a fairly rapid rate of aging.


1. Easy to Pee

Urinating is a normal response of the body, but it is not easy for everyone. Women with gynecological diseases or problems with the uterus often have signs of painful urination. On the other hand, if you urinate very easily and comfortably, it in part indicates that your uterus has been well nourished and is still very healthy.

40 year old woman urinating in the morning, if you see these 3 symptoms, your uterus is still healthy and full - Photo 2.

2. Normal urine color

In healthy individuals, urine is usually clear, slightly yellow, and odorless. However, if your urine is cloudy, even red, and smells bad, it is likely that your uterus has been infected with bacteria and viruses. At this time, it is necessary to immediately go to the gynecologist for examination and advice, to help delay the aging of the uterus.


3. Normal debit

Vaginal discharge is a mirror that reflects the health of the uterus. If your vaginal discharge is clear and odorless, it means your uterus is very healthy. On the other hand, if you go to the toilet and find vaginal discharge that is yellow and smells bad, you should immediately consult a gynecologist to determine the health status of the uterus.

– Sex on a “red light” day

During menstruation, a woman’s endometrium remains exposed and is highly susceptible to contamination. Today, if you have sex, women are prone to infections and gynecological diseases. Therefore, doctors advise couples to exercise restraint.

– Have sex without using a condom

Condoms are not only effective at preventing pregnancy, but are also effective at preventing the spread of various sexually transmitted diseases. The most typical is to avoid the spread of HPV (human papillomavirus). According to statistics, sexually active women are 40% to 90% more likely to be infected with HPV, while HPV is associated with many human malignancies such as cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and prostate, esophageal, oral and anal cancer.

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– Don’t clean before having sex

Women should not have sex if both parties are not clean, this can be a way for disease to develop. In addition to causing various sexually transmitted diseases, it can also cause cervicitis, endometritis, and even pelvic inflammatory disease that interferes with the health of the uterus.

– Have sex in a rough way

“Love” is too fast, too strong, causing the vaginal area, even without lubrication, to experience too much friction… uterus. While you may not notice this during the climax, by the end of the fun, you will most likely be in so much pain that you have to “hold on to love” for a long time.

40 year old woman urinating in the morning, if you see these 3 symptoms, your uterus is still healthy and full - Photo 7. kuba-van-con-shower-vasung-man-lam-20220311224012378.chn

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