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5 Ways to Make Sublime ‘Sex’ on Your Wedding Night

1. Learn about ‘love’

Knowledge and understanding are never superfluous, especially in “sex”. You’re not taught in school what makes “sex” good. Don’t be afraid to learn and develop what you know. Take time to treat your body and mind to feel better. Even if you’ve been in a relationship, it’s hard to avoid pressure.

Try reading articles, looking for more information about love knowledge and experiences, or experiences you want to try. You can also update bedroom stories with new and interesting toys.

2. Be careful with alcoholic drinks

You are expecting an unforgettable wedding with fresh flowers and a feast. It’s basically a big party for you and you want to have fun. However, drinking too much alcohol will hinder your ability to have sex.

“That” when drunk will be very faint. If sex is on your priority list, have two or three drinks throughout the night. A little alcohol will make you bolder and happier, but a hangover will make your wedding night a disaster.

If “sex” isn’t your priority, you can still party and have fun with friends and relatives at the wedding in comfort.

3. Choose suitable and simple clothes

Keep it simple if you don’t know how to choose pajamas or underwear. Your partner won’t be too fussy about “sex” so there’s no need to panic. If you like bold or sexy underwear styles, feel free to choose, but if not, opt for items that are simple and easy to take off. Sometimes with just a lace bra, you can also make your partner fall in love. In fact, in most cases, after a long day, the couple doesn’t even care what their partner is wearing, as long as the two are close enough to each other.

4. Don’t expect too much

Don’t think too much about your wedding night and don’t expect it to be a perfect experience. Remember that “sex” is never perfect. This is not a movie and totally different from what the movie depicts. If you’re expecting too much “sex” on your wedding night, you’re likely to be disappointed. How can everything turn out exactly as in your imagination? The answer is: Impossible. Remind yourself that even if your dream event finally comes, it’s still real life. Enjoy and cherish the wedding night, even if it doesn’t live up to your imagination.

5. Prepare mentally and physically well

A good tip for you is to try meditation two to three weeks before the wedding ceremony. Not only will this help you avoid the psychological stress of preparing for your wedding ceremony, but it will also help you focus more and improve your “bed.” Learning how to calm your mind is very important, breathing and bringing air into your body will help you increase the sensitivity of your senses. If you find your mind wandering, focus on everything that is happening around you. And especially appreciative, and commendable, for what your other half does for you.

(Based on the bride)

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